Where am I?

I don’t really write online anymore. There is simply just too many things to do. But when I do, I have to decide where I’m going to write. I began blogging a number of years ago at Xanga. I was wrote so much that I decided to break down and purchase the “Xanga For Life” for one-hundred big ones. It didn’t seem like a big deal back then, but I did pay for the site so if I ever write I’ll write there. You can find me at ONIGIRIMAN.

But I could always change my mind. We will see…

The Splendid Spy

For the past year and a half, there has been a steady stream of J-doramas focusing on special police forces and terrorism: Special Police, Koushounin, Kiina, Bloody Monday, BOSS, Mr. Brain. They were interesting at first, but they started to get into a rut. By the time they got to Mr. Brain with KimuTaku of SMAP fame, I was getting tired of all their tech gadgets and super intelligent heroes. This summer season, they have another one. Karei naru spy 華麗なるスパイ–The Splendid Spy.

It stars Nagase Tomoya’s, but that’s not what makes it interesting–although M will watch anything he’s in.  It’s actually a spoof of the spy genre. It has all this funky music from old spy movies, some of it sounding like James Bond background music, some similar to the riff of the bongo drums when the tension is high (like Mission Impossible). The opening credits seem to come to come straight out of a 60s Japanese gangster flick with a steel guitar playing in pseudo-Hawaiian mode and the sound of bullets firing–pthew!–every time an actor’s name appears on the screen, a la I Spy.

The main character, Yoroi Kyousuke (Nagase), is a convicted con artist, but his government calls on him to help the badly dressed special terrorism force–well except for Dorothy played by the always delectable Fukada Kyouko–fight terrorism across Japan, especially against Mr. Takumi (Mr. Scheming), who has oily black hair and a short comb-tooth moustache like Hitler. Hmmm. He even wears a khaki shirt. On his first day, Kyousuke wakes up to the ring of the phone and is surprised to find that the phone is in the sole of a shoe–sound familiar, Chief? Then he goes to the office but first needs to step into a locker that promptly drops through the floor, hits the bottom, after which he enters a hallway with sliding double doors in which, of course, he gets his foot stuck–Missed it by that much. As you might imagine, I am paying attention as to not miss any references to the spy genre.

The first episode centers on a lackey of Mr. Takumi who attempts to kidnap the Prime Ministers grand daughter, played by Inoue Mao, and Kyousuke’s con-artist talents help rescue her. But this is when I begin to think that this 90 minute first episode should have been edited more aggressively: The last half hour dragged out just a bit too long. There were were some funny jokes, but the pace slowed to a crawl.

Still, for a summer season in which I have yet to see a single interesting drama–Oh nooooooo! What am I to do?–I will keep my hopes up that the following 46-minute episodes will by as sharp and witty as it promises to be.

My Dog Ate It

God love the Japanese. They come up with the craziest inventions, such as the Head Stabilizer for those who fall asleep on the train, or the Cuddle Pillow for the lonely among us. But I read that the toy company, Takara Tomy, is reintroducing its dog interpreter, the Bowlingual. This contraption claims to analyze a dog’s bark and interpret its emotional state. This is rather ridiculous, as it would seem to me that most people can read the emotions of man’s best friend relatively easily. A wagging tail is a happy dog, flattened ears is fear/aggression, a whimper suggests pain.

But then, you never know. I’m wondering if this electronic translator can interpret an elevated level of stress, such as in a lie detector. As an instructor, I come across my share of students who forget to do their home assignments. Indeed, I had one student who came home from Thanksgiving break swearing that the paper he wrote on his parents’ computer–suggesting he didn’t have the file to print–was destroyed by his dog. He even presented me with the shredded remnants of the paper he somehow saved from the jaws of his pet. 

This old and tired excuse–my dog ate it–is seemingly effective because the only other witness to the crime is the perpetrator who cannot communicate the truth. But if this Bowlingual could somehow interpret Spot’s emotions when confronted with the now unreadable shreds of evidence, well, Takara Tomy might have something that I might buy. 

4th of July

Happy Fourth of July!

I was supposed to go to the National Mall with Musubichan to watch Barry Manilow and Aretha Franklin, but she changed our plans–I should feel lucky, actually. Instead we are having her friends over for a BBQ. While it means more work, it also means less walking around the Mall, which can be quite strenuous.And, of course, less Mandy, too.

Eating Disorder

Wow, I haven’t been here in about three months. This is not a good thing as this is THE place where I keep up my writing skills, meager as they are…

Anyway, I’ve come to realize that I must have an eating disorder with regard to timing. Last night at dinner, I was eating some stir-fried that Musubichan cooked up. It was good and I was hungry, so I was eating rather vigorously. I am pretty dexterous with chopsticks and can convey food to my mouth rather quickly, but it seems I have a timing issue these days. At one point, I failed to pull out the chopsticks from my mouth quick enough and ended up biting into its tip, cracking not only my favorite pair of chopsticks, but also a small portion of my front tooth (right incisor).

How stupid of me. I should relax while I eat and concentrate on taking the chopsticks out of my mouth before I start chewing. But concentrating on the mechanics of eating would distract me from the pleasure of eating, and that would make meals uninteresting. Of course, the upside would be that I might eat less and lose weight, and save myself the agony of going to the dentist to repair my teeth, let alone losing my favorite set of chopsticks.

Hope everyone in Xangaland is well and healthy this summer.

Random Thoughts

I am still adjusting to tweeting on Twitter. Most seem to write about their everyday life–I going to lunch, I worked out today, I’m meeting a friend for drinks tonight. I started to do something similar, but I am unsure if other people want to know or even care about the minutiae of my everyday life. So instead I’ve been tweeting things that don’t necessarily deal with specific activities of my everyday life, but express more about what I’m thinking or feeling.

In the past few days, this is what I’ve written (some editing was involved):

  • Anyone know what is “pi day”? Is it about “pies” or the ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter?
  • Onigiriman is really digging the original UK version of Life on Mars, although the slang is sometimes a pain in the jacksie.
  • Onigiriman needs a bolt of energy to get his butt moving forward, but a ponderous, cloudy DC Sunday is not helping.
  • Onigiriman wants to know: What is OpenDNS? Can someone explain this to me?

Can anyone answe some of these questions? I’m not getting much of a response from these tweets, but then what can you say in 140 characters or less?