Russian Roulette

変な夢を見ちゃった。I had a really weird dream about a new “X-sport”: Group Russian Roulette. Recently, I have watched in wonder the new forms of entertainment, such as Jackass and Bluetorch. Besides the ubiquitous mall skateboarding, there have been escalator handrail slides and rain surfing. My wife Musubi-chan thinks its funny: いつか Xスポーツになるかな. I tell her that it’s not interesting; if anything it’s individual sports and I prefer team sports–football, baseball. I wonder if this conversation is what triggered this dream:

I’m standing at on a busy urban street corner waiting for the light to turn green, when a group of seven people surround me and other by-standers. The group is dressed rather grungy–at least to this old man’s standard. I look nervously arouond me, as do the other by-standers. When the light turns green, they each each pull out a revolver, hold it to their respective heads and pull the trigger. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. No pop of gun fire. A woman screams somewhere near me. The seven run away, howling and whooping as they go.

What the shit was that all about?!?

I start to chase them. But they are younger–way younger–than I so I can keep up only with the last of them. A girl with short blonde hair. She runs up the steps of an rundown urban apartment and climbs the stairs two steps at a time. I fall behind, but catch up to her when she starts fumbling for the keys to what I figure is her apartment.

“What did you guys just do?”

“Nothing” She looks like a young Rosanne Arquette.

“What was with the guns to the head?”

“Nothing. You deaf?”

I won’t bore you with the rest of the dream’s details. My memory’s sketchy at best anyway. But basically she finally tells me that its a team sport, where they freak out strangers by pulling the trigger in front of them. But the deal is that there is actually a live round in each gun, and that it is Russian Roulette. They try to see if everyone survives. Other teams are doing the same thing in other areas of the city. Someone dies, the team loses.

I wanted to join them, but I woke up before I got to play.

Do I have a death wish, or a problem, or what?!? I need an umeboshi.

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