I love UCLA Football. I live and breath UCLA Football. Born and raised in LA, I know nothing but UC-LosAngeles Football. I earned my BA and MA there during the 80’s and we went to the Rose Bowl a number of times. On one of those occasions, the quarterback was a back-up named Rick Neuheisel.

Neuheisel–or Skippy, as current Bruins refer to him–went on to be head coach at the University of Colorado and the University of Washington. He enjoyed a degree of success, but he has had a problem with NCAA rules. This includes recruiting infractions, and lately gambling. UW no longer wants him and they decided to can his ass.

This prompted some Sooners at Oklahoma U to fark the above photo. While this suggests that they must really have nothing to do in the Okie State, I freely admit the fark was pretty funny, so I thought I’d share it.

In any case, I hope the Skippy finds employment somewhere. He brought us a lot of joy when he led UCLA to a victory over U of Illinois in the Rose Bowl. But rules are rules, and he’s got to take responsibility for his actions, which he doesn’t seem to want to do–he’s fighting his termination.

Oh well. Just thought I’d add a little levity. My posts to date have been rather dark and sound more like rants and complaints. I think I’ll start adding poems that I am translating from the Shinkokinshu and other classical sources. If there are any requests–albeit unlikely–I am willing to listen.

I guess eating onigiri mellows me out a bit…. なんちゃって!!!

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