Back from Williamsburg, VA. It was a very nice trip. I enjoy going to places where I can learn the history of the land I live in. It sort of provides a sense of place, where I fit in–or don’t fit in. The fife and drum was interesting to hear. I learned that the home of the American theater was actually Williamsburg, not NY. I ate game pie–venison, rabbit, duck–which was pretty tasty, and certainly different. We ate at the King’s Arm Tavern, a refurbished place where people back in the day came to spend time, including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

We also spent time at Busch Garden where we went only on a few rides, like the water raft ride–Musubi-chan does not like roller coasters, and as a result, we end up doing nothing but looking at everyone else screaming… sigh. So we ended up going to shows and the Oktoberfest recreation. Of course, we had our beer.

The two downers for the trip. The drive took much longer than it should have. Everyone told me that its a short two hour drive down… BS! Highway 95 gets so crowded around certain areas, that it took 4 hours to get there. In some areas, the traffic comes to a halt. I thougth I was in LA again!. Secondly, the heat was crazy hot. 94-96 with high humidity. During the theatre lecture in Colonial Williamsburg held outside in the sun, I felt lighthead, like I would if I had a cig for the first time in a long time.

But still, I shouldn’t complain. We all went, had a good time despite the heat, and came back safe and sound.

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