Aaaaaaand Representing USC….

It never ceases to amaze me. Are there really people with this attitude going to USC? This is an actual Xanga blobring:

    :::University of Southern California:::{FIGHT ON!}
    Description: USC University of Southern California students and for people who fucking hate f/ucla. fuck ucla!!! USC FOOTBALL KICKS ASS!! USC FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPS BABY!! OUR QUEST FOR THE 9TH COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATIONAL TITLES BEGINS NOW ’03! ::::::::::FIGHT ON!::::::::::

It is good to have pride in your school, but to write stuff like “f/ucla” and “fuck ucla” is beyond me. However, to me it seems to be less of an insult to UCLA people–which includes me (’83 & ’86)–than it is to decent ‘SC people who are being represented by the likes of this individual. In contrast, see this other Xanga blobring, and notice the underlined:

    UC – aZNs!
    Check it foo’s: UNIVERSITY CaLI REPRESENT! It don’t matter if u be going to any UC school but hey?! how bout givin it up for us peeps who dominate the system! Hellz yeh! Ite.. this is intended for all of us far east peeps to be part of something we good at! anyone be welcome to join. Just check it & stay as long as you plz.. Peace! UCLA, UCB, UCD, UCI, UCR, UCSC, UCSD, UCSB… lets show love for USC and Cal State too! Woot

Now tell me: Is there a significant difference in attitude? We UC people can “try” to discuss this matter with those who hold to the attitude expressed in the above description, but chances are they will continue to rant “fucla” and such. To which–in the heat of the moment–some might respond: “$uc” or “You can only use a Trojan once”. It’s really up to the ‘SC people to show them the light. But then, they’d probably call you a “fucla lover” and brand you a traitor.

On another note, I went to Hanazakari’s blog and I SWEAR it had an electric blue background with light blue text. This old man has trouble reading it, i told her. But she responsed that its green with black text! So I go back and lo and behold, so it is. Am I losing my mind is is there ANYONE ELSE who happened to see the blue background on Sunday afternoon? Please, someone give me a hand… or a new cornea.

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