Banzai! review in Monday’s log

It’s what?!? Friggin 6 in the morning? And I’m still not asleep. Is this insomnia? Crap, what to do. Anyway, I thought I’d mention a couple of people I met on Xanga who have interesting things to say. Note that these are people I know only through their Xanga sites, but they seem pretty cool–although pretty cool for a 40-something may not be cool to you.

Anyway, Takunishi79 is a JA working closely with JA issues. Totally cool! Maybe I need to invest more time in the doing, and not just the writing and pondering. But Taku’s got to post using MS Word–or somethin’. I always have to change the encoding to read some of his stuff. But believe me, its hard core JA stuff.

Sleetse–whatever that means?!?–is a cool JA in California, my home state. He just got a new job so he hasn’t posted many logs recently, but when he does, it is always good for a laugh. He understands and enjoys Japan (like all of us), is amazed at some of the stuff the Japanese do (like all of us), and really digs cute Japanese girsl (like half of us). And he’s the ring leader of Japan II. Join me on his blogring! (Don’t forget to mention that I sent you.)

Nefarious_hatter is in Illinois, I think–her logs make reference to things Chicago(?). I don’t know if she’s JA or AA, but she puts up great logs. Everyday there’s a story. I wonder if they are based on reality–her reality–but they are a good read. She is also into quizzes. She has one up every now and again, like the animal one I referred to previously. And if nothing else, its a trip to hear her raggin’ on Megaman! Hey, its cool. We all have our bad days. I SHOULD KNOW!

Peace everyone! And don’t forget to read the review of Banzai below, and give me your feedback. HattoriHanzo, Pirate-chan and JC have already clocked in. How about you?

Tomorrow’s blog: Cruisin’ J-Town

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