All interested in JA/AA issues

I read a post by Kai that reflects many of the things that I have discussed. Click on her name and read about her experience on the DC Metro. This is soooooooooo typical! Give ’em hell Kai!


By the way, I appear to be reaching 1000 hits. I’ve been on Xanga only a month and a little bit, and I’m nearing the 1K mark. I guess, writing heavy stuff–not just fluff–will attract people after all. Thanks for the love people–although Purin-kun reminded me in very plain terms, “This is not a contest”…. Okay, and there is no prize. But still, if you are number 1000–scroll down to the bottom to see the hit number–let me know! And don’t hit the reload button, alright–you know who I’m talking to!

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