Weekend Stuff

Another weekend–UPDATE: What to do? Well that’s pretty easy. Do all the things you’re supposed to do on your free time. Onigiriman has a PhD in procrastination.

List of things to do: Each asterik (*) represents one week that a particular task has been postponed.

  • Trim bushes in front of house **
  • Complete insurance forms * (x 40?)
  • Seal cracks in shower stall * (x 50?)
  • Write letter of thanks to the good people *****
  • Wash car NEW!
  • Clean deck NEW!
  • Prepare for Fall NEW!
  • Predictions:

  • Trim bushes Sunday
  • Complete insurance forms while cooking
    Side note: Menu Friday-Chorizo and egg; Saturday-Hamburger BBQ; Sunday-Sausage and penne.

  • Can always take shower in other bathroom
  • Write e-mail letter instead of hand written letters (lazy!) Saturday night.
  • Wash car? Rain predicted for next week.
  • Clean deck? To many other things to do.
  • Prepare for Fall? You kidding? That’s 5 weeks away!
  • Spend too much time on Xanga and JA Journal
  • Actual Accomplishments:

  • Cooking: Chorizo and egg quesadilla was good, easy to make, cheap and good (Fri); BBQ of hamburgers and salad with some small fireworks later (Sat);
  • Food Shopping:–goto Super H awesome sister of HanAhReum.
  • Found a MAJOR leak in the plumbing.
  • Completed tasks listed as the weekend continues
  • Random Thoughts
    Having a car now has really changed my life. A sense of independence. And not just to run errands. After going to Williamsburg safely, I now have an itch to see other sites in Virginia and beyond. If anyone has any thought about good places to go–day trips from NoVa or short overnighters–I would really appreciate any suggestions. I’m think of going to the Appalachians soon, heard its beautiful. Anywhere else?

    Note: If you’re interested in visiting other sites dealing with JA issues, click on a cardinal colored word in the above marquee. It is site test site and I would like to hear opinions if you have any. Remember, it is test, what we might refer to as a rough draft.

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