D.C. Sushi Society

Sushi in DC is becoming elitist thanks to a group of Japanese, according to this article in washingtonpost.com. Personally I think that anyone can make sushi. I’ve had good sushi from non-Japanese chefs–albeit rarely–and lousy sushi by Japanese–all too frequently. It’s a matter of training, not nationality and certainly not race. The best sushi chefs are trained since middle school as they learn their trade from cleaning knives and trays, to rinsing and preparing the rice, for years before they can even begin to make sushi. Those who insist that only Japanese can make good sushi are at a loss when confronted with the idea that this means only Italians can make good Italian food. As those who have been to Japan know, there are some really good Italian chefs who are Japanese–I did have one person insist that the Japanese are a special case, that they can’t be copied but they can do the copying! Where do they breed these idiots? Someone’s got to get rid of that part of the gene pool….

Back from class…

Xanga Behavior
I have been posting on Xanga for over a month now, and I must admit that I am kinda addicted. This is not a good thing. I am prone to addiction, I think. I used to be an alcoholic–as defined by alcoholics anonomous, an alcoholic is anyone who feels the need or desire to drink in a given situation. Well, I HAD to have some wine at parties, and beer at sporting events. I was also a heavy smoker. I was a two packer–Marlboro Reds–for 15 years, then cut down to 4-5 a day for the next 15. I finally quit for good three years ago. Now Xanga….

One of the reasons its addictive is the fact that its a pretty narcissistic activity: I write about myself–like I am now–and wonder if people will read it. Many may truly have a good reason to post on Xanga. Some keep in touch with family and friends from a distance, but my family and friends are near and those far away don’t even know I am on Xanga. Some write a true journal of the events in their lives. I have never kept a diary or journal unless it was required for school or something. No, there is only one reason for me to do this: I am narcissistic, I wnt people to look at me. (You readin’ this Sleetse?)

There! Okay? I said it! (Actually, Sleetse has–in his own way–already admitted this.)
BTW: I got 11 comments for yesterdays post. Most ever, even more than those quizzes. Thanks for the love everybody!

Another reason to be on Xanga is that it’s rather voyeristic. Some may want to deny this aspect because, conversely, this would mean that as a Xanga poster, they are exhibitionistic, allowing strangers to peek into their private thoughts and moods.

However, I am a selective voyeur, and my viewing habits are driven by specific stimuli. I read sites of those who:
1. are interesting;
2. I know personally:
3. subscribe to me.

These criteria are not mutually exclusive. There are people I know who post interesting things, and there are those whose posts I read simply because I know them.

There are post of people I find interesting who I don’t know–I realize that this is strictly personal taste–and I put links to their sites here from time to time. Some of them are only exclusively Japanese (language), so some may find them more trouble than they are worth. But I think they are interesting.

I have been known to cruise the sites of strangers, but there are some sites that I refuse to revisit:
1. Sites that take too long to load (I have an old computer);
2. Sites that use excessively busy backgrounds. I suppose the youngins’ think its cool, but to these old trained eyes–or just plain old eyes–they take away from the content. I am into reading what the person has to say. Of course, images may be a relfection of personality, but its still too hard on the eyes;
3. Light colored text on a light background is also problematic, such as light blue text on white background. This is really hard to read.

But most random sites I have found through the blobrings I subscribe to, or by stealthily rummaging through the comments given to people I know, and selecting some that sound interesting.

There are three I read consistently: Fooky11 is a young man who writes about his days in an optimistic way. It is pleasant to read someone who is not ranting. His posts are in both Japanese and English simultaneously so it would be good J practice for some of you. I found him through Sleets. Another is Kumachi.com, a young lady who writes almost exclusively in Japanese. She has a fun loving attitude and her posts crack me up. I found her through Takunishi79, who refers to her as Gyoza no Keiko. That alone should tell you her site might be interesting. Of course, there is the loud Seminole, HattoriHanzo. (i don’t mean he’s noisy, but he likes to use LARGE fonts at times.) He posts a lot of the latest on news in sports and entertainment. A good read and good for a laugh. I met Hanzo through Takunishi79, as well. And don’t forget, if you’re interested in things Japanese, join Sleetse’s JapanII blobring…

Wow, I thought I was just doodling, but this turned out pretty long! More tomorrow.

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