Okay, so who’s #1500?

Tiggerj or Purin_kun? Whoever uses o****line.net as his/her server I think is #1500… Gee, too bad there isn’t a prize or anything…

Yes, I am guilty. I have been accused of posts that are at times too long, too heavy and perhaps too self-important… Well, I don’t know about self-important, cuz I don’t consider myself that important–I think my kids will tell you that I openly admit mistakes and usually make as much fun of myself as I do them.

But long and heavy? Yeah, maybe. But that’s because I have a lot to say sometimes… pplz if u want lite n fluffy, theres lots–I mEAn LoTs–of sites with personal, lite stuff (I had to try it once, okay?). Some write poems; others write lyrics to songs… wait, I think I’ve done both of these, too… hmm… Well for me, this weekend’s logs have been fluffy, just movie stuff. Now back to the serious…

The Doctor Idiot Is In
I’ve read 3-4 posts lately by people who are feeling down about themselves, about how some earlier actions and past decisions have resulted in a life leading to nowheresville, where nothing seems to be working out. Well, some may be just ranting, to work out some stress. But if not, you guys still don’t have to feel too down. There is always hope.

Yeah, yeah, it sounds hokey, but its true. There really is hope. The only catch is that YOU have to make it happen. Been there, done that. Really.

I don’t want to bore you with the details, so let me cut to the chase–some of you may have already heard this, so you can change the channel now.

I was a total screw up in high school. Bad grades, bad attendance, I’m surprised they didn’t kick me outa school. Couldn’t go to college like my friends so I went to work full time. Hey, all I wanted was money to put gas in my Camaro and go on hot dates. But I began to realize that maybe–jUsT mAybE (this is kinda fun actually)–this wasn’t the right path. But I thought, “Crapola, I’m 20 and going nowhere. I can’t even get into school if I wanted to.” So I started out at a junior colllege–took 5 years to graduate! hahahaha–and thanks to a professor who had a lot of faith in me, convinced me to apply to UCLA and the rest is history.

The point, of course, is that I could have given up. “Ah, its too late to change now.” But I didn’t. I made a conscious decision to act in the present and to dwell on the future, not the past, to finish school–time frame be damned–and see where it would take me. Now if this stupid-ass almost-high-school drop-out can earn a PhD from SU, then I’d bet that everyone who’s read this far can work even greater miracles: cure cancer, bring peace to the Middle East, get Fox to cancel Banzai, y’know, the hard stuff, the long and heavy stuff. I’m serious…

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