: What I did this summer 1 :

Williamsburg, VA
Over the 4th of July weekend, we went to Colonial Williamsburg, and I thought I’d share a few random photos. Williamsburg is about 120 miles south of here. The drive was not so long in terms of miles, but the traffic, especially around Fredericksburg was horrendous. But we got there safely and at least one of us enjoyed out stay…

Musubi-chan playing around with a statue of Thomas Jefferson in the middle of Colonial Williamsburg. This is, in general, one street about four New York blocks long. They have a number of retail stores for souvenir hunters like us, as well as colonial demonstrations of bootmaking, hat stitching and the fife and drum group.

These guys were suprizingly good… and I think they were all 20 years or younger. At least they sure looked young to me…

Musubi-chan (thanks Matt) with a couple of really old people

Another “attraction” was The Governor’s Mansion where former governors, including Thomas Jefferson, made their residence. It was restored recently and they did such a good job that it looked very nice–even the people populating the mansion looked rather good, as usual Musubi-chan was quick to make new friends.

At this point, you may–or may not–be wondering where Onigiriman is. Taking all these wonderful the photos? Fat chance. Musubi-chan was pretty pissed off at me… She said, in her most commanding voice, “Be up and ready to go at 9AM,” but of course I NEVER listen–I’m a night person; being ready by 9 requires me to be up around what? 7 o’clock? 8? Forget it! Well, in our house, there is a price to pay for not obeying the edicts of the mistress…
Musubi-chan warned me, and I did not heed…
so this is what I get….

Musubi-chan tricked me into taking a snapshot in the stocks, but after taking the photo, she left me hanging , literally… for a few hours….

 Personally, I think a simple shiri pen-pen would have been sufficient… and more pleasurable… Just kidding!

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