: What I did this summer 2 :

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA
Besides Colonial Williamsburg, and we also went to Busch Gardens, whos parent company is Anheiser-Busch, the makers of that world famous king of beers…

As you can imagine, Musubi-chan and I had to stop off at an Irish pub and partake in this local brew… It was such a hot day, we drank the first cup in no time flat. Musubi-chan told me to wait, as she was going to get some more… I protested, but she scowled, reminding me of the stocks from the previous day… So as an obedient (read: cowering) husband, I waited.

At the bar, she chatted up the bartender. Apparently, he actually IS from Ireland! Imagine that, I thought…

…as I heard them talking, I waited……

Musubi-chan decided to step out on her own and get some fresh air. She walked through the Italy section to see a Roman Show.

The show was actually pretty good, singing such standards as “O Solo Mio” and “Volare”.

They had some good singers and the band was first rate, better than D-Land, and certainly better than Onigiriman, according to Musubi-chan. And so as she enjoyed this Holiday in Roma…

Recalling my hours in the stocks fromt he day before, I continued to wait patiaently…

After the show, Musubi-chan wandered about a bit more and found herself in the French Quarters where they stage a show called Imaginique, with mimes, magicians, jugglers and dancers.

Before the show, “Imaginaires,” costumed performers known for their imaginative display of skill, interact with guests on the streets of the French hamlet, providing comic relief. As expected, Musubi-chan clowns around…

Of course, Musubi-chan being Musubi-chan, her nose led her to that most famous of beer festivals… Oktoberfest.

Busch Garden has a huge building that houses a center stage and lots of long benches where you can enjoy a variety of sausages, one of Musubi-chan‘s favorites saurkraut, and Musubi-chan‘s all-time favorite… BEER. Busch advertises this place as “high-energy oompah song and dance will have you dancing up a German storm.”

And as you can see, Musubi-chan did just that, dancing to German Polkas at Oktoberfest, while…

“I’m thirsty…”

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