Are you ready for some football?!?

Sorry, don’t mean to bore anyone, but I get the impression that there are few football fans out there… Well I love it. A few games have already been plyed–San Jose State v. Grambling, Maryland v. No. Illinois–but the season really startes today. I got ESPN Gameplan which will be broadcasting over a hundred games over the season. I also have FoxSports package, which will broadcasts the local games ABC/ESPN will not carry. So I’m set until New Years. I made the mistake of explaining to Musubi-chan what a football widow is… now she uses it all the time to explain her…

Onigiriman to star in new animation; Storyline, details murky 
Just  kidding… sorta. Piratechan, a budding animation artist at a university known for being “Most Tech Savvy”–see Newsweek article–sought and received from her professor’s permission to do a story on–get this–the O-Man. Its a class assignment, I think, so she’s pretty free to do almost anything she wants… I hope! The more creative, the better. Cutting edge, man! Technically and creatively! The prof set down some guidelines, like linking it to her life and making it more universal… whatever that means… But even if it turns into something completely different, I’m still totally flattered…

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