I missed a day

I’m a pretty dedicated poster, so just in case anyone’s wondering, I’m still alive and kicking, despite UCLA’s loss. *sigh* And NO I did not get drunk, I just had a lot of things to do…

: Ucla :

but it was only the first game. Got some kinks to work out, but we barely lost to a team that is ranked in top 25 and already had a game under its belt, a wild one against their rival CSU, so yeah, CU was already battle tested… I can just imagine those posters at the SC blog that refer to us as “fucla”–yeah, these people have a lot of class–gloating like crazy…

Not to seem lazy or anything, but I just have to respond to the comments I received.

SATO: Hey Onigiriman Arigatou for all of your encouragement. I decided to start writing my xanga again. Your Xanga is always looking exciting.

Always write. It’s good for the soul. I started writing on Xanga not expecting to have anybody read what I wrote. I just wrote about what was on my mind, everything from JA issues to football to my own life story. It’s what’s in your heart, dude. Be honest, forthright and serious… really, I’m serious all the time, right guys?

nefarious_hatter: I’m insulting?! wow! really? I’ve always wanted to be insulting. Thanks for the compliment! I’m being sincere 😉 not sarcastic.

LOL! Yeah, you can be… and its great reading it. I love your descriptions of bus drivers and random riders and classmates! They really do crack me up. And your responses to those Yahoo “love connections”. Do you REALLY talk to those guys? And seriously, Maxipad slippers? LOL!!!! Total crazy! I read your site and crack up so much, I think Musubi-chan is beginning to suspect I’m having somekind of internet love affair! You other guys have got to read this girl. Unless you’re sensitive to material that can be very un-PC.

Pochi: i’m not young anymore >_< i’m turning 16 in 4 months >_< can’t wait until i can drink sake legally…

Ok, ok, you’re ALMOST 16, so not young anymore… (Don’t laugh everybody!) I’m talking in relative terms. I’m an oldie, like THIRTY years older than you, so in my eyes, that makes you young. Oh yeah, what did you mean by “LEGALLY”? As opposed to “ILLEGALLY”? Did I just hear you say “Oops”?

Mr_Mephisto: Thanks for the Big Ups!…. That’s right, I am kendo girl, I just bought crazy awesome bogu which is currently being handstiched by an 94 year old man…which is a GOOD thing…. actually, when kids are scared to recite some [English] dialogue that they are supposed to remember, I recite Hojoki for them to show them its all Gravy. 😉

LOL!!!! For those of you who don’t know, Hōjōki is a famous essay from medieval Japan. I have my bungo kids memorize the first paragraph. Quadruple props to Mr_Mephisto for remembering Hōjōki!

takunishi79: UCLA… it was a good game, at least… I mean, last minute wins are what Colorado’s all about… u know… shit happens. I’m sure our boys will redeem themselves against Illinois!! (^_^)V

I don’t wanna talk about it….

takunishi79: I’ve been having issues these last couple of weeks… eh? No, I’ve been having issues throughout all times but I just haven’t been able to hide the more recent ones, is all. :p And hey, you keep calling everyone else the “young ones” and granted I’m probably older of the bunch, I really am 23, going on 24 in December. No, seriously…

We all have issues, and we all work through them. I’m sure you’ll work through yours. We’re all rooting for ya’. And by the way, I didn’t mean to insult you about your age. I know you’re young, too, certainly compared to me. But some of my readers–Pochi and Those_days, just to name two–are high schoolers, but I don’t wanna call them kids either. If they wanna leave a comment on my site, then they are old enough to be treated as… hmmm, non-kids (?) Besides, I bet none of them have been stabbed! (Anyone wanna know what I’m talking about, read Taku’s site. It’s buried there, somewhere. Scary…)

mattblue: In order to learn to read the grass writing for kobun, I had to buy this book called 変体仮名の手引, but it still looks like it’ll be insanely hard. I’m up for the challenge =) Oh, I usually don’t like to watch UMass’s football team, since they’re not that good. But somehow they beat Central Connecticut State 51-7 today…I guess I should go to more games!

51-7?!? Damn, go to the game. Show school spirit. And reading grass script is insanely hard. When you learn it, teach me. Hahaha… Why am I laughing? I’m serious….

HattoriHanzo: Go Noles! Yeah baby we won against Maryland! Well they weren’t really all there but still a threat. The coach over there hasn’t lost back to back games before so this will seriously hurt his rep. Look at the other teams in the ACC! Georgia tech and Wake Forest pulling up upsets! wow! And those bastards at Colorado…just remember to watch us kick there asses on September 20th for you guys! We’ll get ’em! I’m goin to that game so i might be on tv

Yeah, I thought that Maryland was gonna bite FSU’s ass when they returned Rix’s interception for a TD, but they bounced back nicely. Go kick some Buffalo ass for us… no, wait, if CU beats FSU, that gives UCLA some respectability. Just kidding! That kind of thinking is for wusses. Respectablility is earned by directly, not indirectly. I’ll look for you on TV.

Killawhale: thanx for doing that ^^ school is busy now, applying for college bye for a while..btw, ive always been a devoted reader of ur xanga

Always study, man. As Mr_Mephisto will tell you, I am a slave driver in the classroom! Study! Memorize kanji! But it will all pay off later! I bet she NEVER thought she would use the Hōjōki after she graduated! Hahahaha!

Piratechan: the [onigiriman] animation is currently in storyboard phase, it’s official, so come the end of the semester, I will send you the movie.

Woo hoo! Everyone read that?!? It’s official! When can we see a trailer? Will it play in theaters nationwide? Or will it only be in those artsy-fartsy movie theaters? When does the promotional tour begin? Should I order 8 x 10 glossies? Should I contact my agent? Should I get a haircut? Should I stop acting like an idiot?

CultofDizzo: thanks for the shout-out! You aren’t premium yet? damn yo – i think all your loyal readers better put a fund together to hook u up.

Nah, don’t need premium… but don’t tell those Xanga people, they’ll “accidentally” lose my previous post! J/K, J/K (you can never tell when they’re watching…)

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