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:Ucla :

beat Illinois! Yeah, baby! But it was an ugly win… 6-3
at home… I hate to say it but the offense was again offensive! They sucked big time. Where’s the West Coast offense that first-year coach Darl Dorrell claimed to be bringing to the Bruins… The TV people have been saying it take time to incorporate a system, but it shouldn’t take time to identify you best players. RB Manny White didn’t even touch the ball last week, and this week it took until the third quarter before he was getting number called consistently. Mighty Mouse Ebell was nice last year, but I think most defenses have his number; he hasn’t been able to run since the ‘$C game last year–‘sc, BTW, kicked Hawaii’s butt up and down the field. The bright spot is the defense. Damn they’re tough. They’ve been holding teams way below their offensive averages. But still, I don’t really look forward to next week’s game against Oklahoma. If the defense can hold OU to around 20 points, that’d be great, but OU’s strong suit is their defense and I’m afraid our Bruins will get their asses handed to them.

Enough football….

: About Me :

Who gives a sh*t, right?!?
Well, I do. So here’s a few things about me that you may not know even if you’ve faithfully read the installments of “Not Living Up To Expectations”:

  1. I am lactose intolerant. I never eat milk chocolate. But I do like dark chocolate. In fact, I’m addicted.
  2. I grade papers on the train to and from work. Its the best way to kill travel time. Besides, when I get sleepy–or actually fall asleep–on the Metro, I find that I am a fast but easy grader… good for my kids.
  3. I like dark chocolate.
  4. I like Mexican/south-of-the-border food, and am disappointed that there are no good places in the DC area at reasonable prices. My gawd, the best place is–get this–Chevy’s. I mean, Chevy’s would even make it on my top 20 list in SoCal. I went to a place in Vienna called Anita’s that advertised itself as the most authentic Mexican food in NoVa, and ordered a Hollenbeck. The cheese that was melted on top of it tasted like CheezWhiz… Yeah, real authentic. If you’re in LA, go to El Tepeyac–the locals call it Manuel’s, the owner’s name–on Evergreen in East LA. If you go at night go with 4-5 guys, cuz it kinda scary, but its the best food for the best price! They have a branch in San Gabriel, but its not the same. Go to the original–crap, I can talk about food forevah!
  5. I use single ply instead of double ply toilet paper. No Charmin for me, it runs out too quickly. And my butt will live even without its gentle caresses.
  6. Nasonex over Flonase. Only people with hay fever will know what these are. hahahah…. why am I laughing?
  7. Okay, just came back from shopping… Musubi-chan wanted to get a drink and I ended up having 8 pints as I watched the Carolina Panthers (Bruins) beat the Bucs in overtime–sorry Hanzo, but I gotta root for a team that stocks itself with UCLA Bruins. Anyway, my head is light… what the heck am I gonna teach class tomorrow? Anyway, the Dude Hamamoto said that King Tacos in East LA rules, and he is right to a degree… They serve a El Pastuer at King Taco that they don’t have at El Tepeyac and it is friggin good–of course you have to be an Eastsider to appreciate it, and as all my faithful readers know, I am a dyed-in-the-wool LA Eastsider. BUT El Tepeyac is the king, King Taco comes in at a very close third! hahahaha What’s second? You ELAC cholos chime in and guess what it is.
  8. I love all kinds of music everything from classical to hard rock… For me, there is no “genre” to like or dislike–ok, maybe disco–but there is good and bad in EVERYTHING. I’m a Mozart and Beethoven fan, could care less about most of Bach. I enjoy McCoy Tyner, Ron Carter, Miles Davis, Noel Pointer, Maynard Ferguson, Stan Getz and lots of other jazz, but I can do without Chick Corea. I’m a Beatles fan, but only between Help and Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band–before and after I can do without (Long and Winding Road? Hey Jude? Boooooooooring). I am really into people who challenge the music scene with something that is new AND innovative… Of course this is only my opinion.
  9. Old Fogey? Yeah, but I listen to new stuff too, although it is influenced by my love for REAL rock and roll. I listen to mainstream people like Dave Mathews–who else has a violinist and a saxophonist in his band–I listen to new/different/marginal folks like Fuel, Nine Days and DC Talk (Christ! Christian music?!?).
  10. I am stuck on Sketchers shoes lately. In fact, almost every pair I wear–from athletic shoes to dress–is Sketchers.
  11. I wear briefs, not boxers. There’s something about it just hanging there, y’know what I mean?
  12. Man, can you tell I”ve been drinking? I’ll talk about ANYTHING, like: FAVORITE SEX POSITIONS! Just kidding. I think my kids would faint if I wrote something like “missionary” or “doggey-style”. Indeed, they would croak if I wrote what I REALLY did, and Musubi-chan would kill me. Does anyone know the scissors? hahahaha, just kidding, again. No letters, please….
  13. I love potatoes. When I was courting Musubi-chan, she mentioned my love of potatoes… No, you pervert! Not to use but to eat! Everytime we went to an Izakaya (pub) in Japan, I would order at least on potato dish. Never occured to me until she mentioned it, but I guess I really like potatoes.
  14. Medically and physically, I suck wind. I have a scar on my right cornea which prevents me from seeing in 3D. You guys who can see normally, appreciate what you have. When something jumps off the screen from a 3D movie and your the only one who doesn’t flinch… well that’s pretty pathetic.
  15. I exercise semi-regularly, which is to say I exercise regularly when I exercise–15 miles running a week–but when I slack off I do nothing, like for the last 5 weeks. My excuse: School started and I was busy… Okay, pathetic excuse, and I’m paying for it, 6 lbs. worth… Crap!
  16. I am a caffeine-holic but cannot take it… Yeah, whadda wuss. Any coffee after 2PM and I can’t go to sleep. But I drink it anyway, and regret it the next day. I’m so sleepy from lack of sleep, I have to drink coffee again, and then I can’t go to sleep again, and the cycle repeats itself… Pathetic.
  17. I was raised a Republican but am now a Democrat… with many caveats. I am pretty left leaning with regard to social issues, but I am middling to right on economic matters. Tax cuts? I’m all for them, but only to a degree… there are many issues that must be addressed and can only be fixed through the taxes we pay… this is really tough. I think we need an Asian politician to represent this very REAL and reasonable middle ground–hehe, actually it’s the middle I perceive so everyon else can disagree. But I nominate Nefarious_hatter…

Almost 12 midnight (EST): Time for this Cinderella to hang it up. Further lists coming…

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