Hey Sleetse!

I guess you’re number 5000. Kinda appropriate I guess since you probably leave me more comments than anyone else… but not the most props. As anyone who has been visited by sleetse knows, he only leaves ONE PROP, the cheapskate. 全く、けちで、せこい奴だ。hahahaha. Too bad it wasn’t Masumi, tho. I had a nice present for number 5000 if it was a girl. Lots of guys on Xanga hit on Sleetse thinking he’s a girl, but I KNOW better. Ah well, I guess i’ll save it for #10,000. hahahaha.

Today’s Snapshot

A hard day at work. Lit class and then a couple of students coming for extra help… you know who you are. I head to the Metro station, walk through the turnstiles and head down to the platform where I see… thousands of people milling about restlessly. Ok, maybe not thousands but more than a couple hundred. The lights at the edge of the platform are blinking indicating that a train is approaching but… no train. I ask someone on the platform, and she shrugs her shoulder saying that there hasn’t been a train or an announcement for the past 20 minutes. Great… If I go back to my office, I gotta go through the turnstiles again and be out $1.20. Apparently I could write to Metro and get my money back: use stationary, envelope and a 37 cent stamp, not to mention my valuable time, but that doesn’t seem worth it. During such stoppages, Metro should put up a sign at the turnstile explaining that there is a delay or something. But that would make WAY TOO much sense. Anyway, the train finally arrives after about half an hour. They are running both directions on one track so its taking time to switch them over. Apparently they had a “police” situation at Metro center. And there’s something obviously wrong with the tracks if they are only running one track. I hope it wasn’t anything too serious….

Thanks for Reading

I can’t believe I am nearing 5000. Scroll to the bottom of the page and see if you are number 5000. If its you, leave a comment… or not. haha.

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