Weekend Entry

Saturday: UCLA plays the University of Washington. I aml hoping for a break out game by the Bruins. They need it. Matt Moore has returned from badly bruised tibia (or was it a fibula?), but he is apparently very rusty, so Drew Olsen will again lead our team on offense. He seems to have clicked in the second half of the SD State game. Let’s hope that was precursor of things to come. Washington is ranked in the top 20, so no pushover, and the Bruins have to play a flawless game to even have a chance of winning. Fortunately, we are playing at home in the Rose Bowl, perhaps the only thing that is in our favor. I wish I lived in LA. I’d go… Does anyone know of an openning in Japanese lang. and/or lit. in SoCal? I’d go in a heartbeat…

Vocab Question

As I read the Xanga sites of people far younger than me, I’ve come to realize that I’m rather out of step with their lingo. I think I grasp the meaning of most and the nuance as well but I’m not always sure. So I was wondering if someone could clue me in….

  • Why is “shit” often spelled “shiet”? I have seen this spelling on many sites. Is there a reason?
  • Gay: It seems to be used to express a derisive attitude, as in “Work is gay.” Is there a specific definition?
  • What is the significance or using “3” for “E”? Is it just stylistic?
  • Why do many mix large caps and small caps? I hAv3 tO AdMit tHAt iT SoMtiM3s giV3s M3 a h3adAcH3… aM I jUst b3iNg gAy?

    There are others and I will post as I come across them.

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