Weekend Entry II: Word Selection A

I have to agree with Piratechan who said, “And i hate the gay thing. I always read it as people thinking that if something is uncool and thus “gay” it’s fluffy and unimportant and ignorable…. It seems very redneck to use the term “gay” in that manner.” Yes, it does seem redneck. A lack of familiarity or just plain ignorance breeds fear and/or contemp, which may explain the use of this term in a derogatory manner.

To everyone who enjoys reading my site: Lets stop usng this word. There are lots of alternatives, and here are a few you can use… just don’t tell your parents I suggested them: awful, horrendous, uncool, sucks, F(elonial)U(se of)C(arnal)K(nowledge)s, shiet…. haha, as if you didn’t know these words already.

Word Selection: B
The opposite of “suck”: I often feel very old when I use dated terminology. I do use words as alright, cool, and nice, but my kids give me a hard time when I use words like boss, bitchin’, and the all time dead-as-Latin word, groovy. I really like this word, now, probably for its shock effect. I never used it during my wonder years in the late 60s and early 70s when it was in vogue, the reason being it was too pop, too whitey. JAs in LA were into being “black”. Hence, the most popular term we used was “bad” as in “that was a bad movie”, or “the new Hendrix tune is totally bad”. Haha, 300 year in the future, when some college kid decides to learn 20th century pop culture, they are going to have a fun time deciphering which is bad “bad” and good “bad”.

Saturday: UCLA killed the 18th ranked team, the University of Washington, 46-16. I was very impressed. They seemed to struggle in the first half, but they came to life in the second, thanks mostly to the defense. Leisle, who was suspended for the first half because he punched a SD State player in the stomach last week, recovered a fumble on his first play in the second half. A few minutes later, he also had an interception. Washington moved the ball in the first half thanks to the Cody Pickett-Reggie Williams connection. Williams is 6’4″ 225 lbs. and there was just no freakin’ way Clark was gonna cover him. DC Kerr finally woke up and put Matt Ware–6’3″ 225 lbs. and graduate from my high school, Loyola of LA–on him. Williams had only two catches for the rest of the game. On one of the catches by Williams, Matt literally threw him to the ground. Yeah, show him who’s boss. Matt is a freak who will play on Sundays in the future. Go Loyola Cubs (’74) and Bruins!

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