Cubbies Lose

Since Tuesday night when the fan interfered with Alou’s attempt to catch the ball, I thought this was it. It only takes a small mishap for another team to grab the momentum. Of course, in any sport, all teams have the opportunity to make up any fouls or mistakes by players, umpires/referees, or fans, but this one seemed ominous. I sat there thinking, Prior better not walk this guy, cause if he does that means a guy who should have been out is on base for free. Well, Prior walked him, and that was all she wrote. It seemed like the Cubs were a shoe-in. Is there really a curse?

Well, we’ll see tomorrow. Another Martinez-Clemens match-up. I should mention that there was a lot of crap about Martinez pushing Zimmer away. Oh yeah, Zimmer was hit in the head as a player so he’s ultra sensitive about pitchers like Martinez throwing it high and tight, so that’s why he decides to try to slug Martinez. But I don’t get it. Everyone seems to have forgotten what was smoldering in the background: Mr. Headhuner himself, Roger Clemens. Isn’t this the guy who not only threw at Mike Piazza, he actually hit him in the head. Then in the next meeting–a freaking year later–Piazza cracks his bat, Clemens picks up the broken half that flew near the mound and THROWS it at Piazza as he was running toward 1st base! What was that?!? Did the bat slip out of his hand? And where was Zimmer when this happened? Where was his ultra sensitivity then? Does it manifest only when the Yankees are the target? What kind of bull is that? Oh, and by the way, was there a coach running out to slug Clemens? Of course not. People who are defending Zimmer suck. This would definitely include Tom Boswell of the Washington Post. What a joke. I thought he was a fine sports writer for a while, but I realize now that he is biased, or he has a really short memory. Either way, bad news for sports fan.

Anyway, the Red Sox are aware of Clemens and are ready for his antics, which is why tempers were running high to begin with. Well, the Bosox won yesterday and I can only hope they win today. But there is a part of me that hopes the Yankees win so someone on the Marlins can drill Clemens in the head. Siince he’s retiring, this is the last chance anyone has to do it.

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