Another ugly victory for the Bruins

Leading 20-12, Cal makes a comeback to tie the game in the final seconds with a touchdown and two-point conversion. The Bruins won in overtime 23-20 thanks to Justin Medlock’s field goal, but the real hero is Havner and Chillar, our stellar linebackers. Chillar already blocked on field goal. In the 4th quarter, on another field goal attempt by Cal, Havner jumps up to block it, Chillar picks it up and returns it for a touchdown. If not for that touchdown, Cal would have won in regulation. The vaunted UCLA defense looked better than last week against Arizona, but looked nowhere what they looked like earlier in the season. But a win is a win, even though we get no love from the pollsters. UCLA leads the Pac-10 with Wazzu with a 3-0 record (5-2 overall).

Hamamoto: Onigiriman, I was at that Cal-UCLA game today. Nice win for the Bruins. I still find it funny how UCLA stole Cal’s fight song. Is that Japanese restaurant you’re talking about on Santa Monica Blvd?
You dawg! I wanna see the game so badly. But ESPN Gameplan is cheaper than a plane ticket back west. I don’t think UCLA stole Cal’s fight song. UCLA was originally the southern branch of the University of California (Berkeley) and so would/should have the same fight song. I think they had classes at what is now LACC. Anyway, they became an independent institute back in the 20’s (?) and I guess they just kept the same song. Not to sound partial (or impartial), but I think the UCLA rendition is more modern than Cal’s. To me, theirs sounds “traditional”; it has kind of a “boolah, boolah” ring to it. As for the restaurant, I think it was on Santa Monica Blvd. We always went after studying so it was dark and when we left we were drunk, so I hardly remember the exterior, but I remember parking in the back and entering from the rear door, then down a narrow hallway. Does it ring a bell with you? If you know the name, could you give me a reminder?

Things I gotta do before the week’s out

  • Teach my courses: MW 2-3:15; T 12:30-3:15; Th 12:30-6
  • Hold office hours: MTW 4-6
  • Language Center meeting T 11-12
  • Create a quiz for Bungo class
  • Create quiz for Modern J class
  • Grade quizzes.
  • Create a midterm for the Lit class
  • Grade midterm for Lit class
  • Create a survey for langauge instructors at school by Tuesday
  • Crap! prepare a presentation for Friday’s MAAAS Workshop! I’m dead! How do I get sucked into doing extra shit.
  • View Seven Samurai for the presention….
  • Give presentation at the international relations school’s new building on E street.
  • Submit a final report on my research. I’m really dead now. Due Nov. 1.
  • Write, like 7 letter of recommendations.
  • Compose a suicide note….
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