Football Saturday

My beloved Bruins take on Arizona State today. ASU started the season as a contender, then lost three games. Unfortunately, they have regrouped and are racking up yards like it was nobody’s business. Walters–ASU’s QB–is again playing like the Heisman candidate they said he was at the beginning of the season. To make matters worse CB Matt Ware is still ou with a severe high ankle sprain. Fortunately, DT Leisle–who was questionable because of a severe bruise to the clavicle–will be play. But only as long as he can withstand the pain. This is just great. We’re up against a high powered offense and our defense is hurting. Just thinking that we have Keith Short playing with Matt Clark in the defensive backfield probably has Walters and the Sun Devil offense salivating. This is probably a biger challenge than UW was. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Full Lips
Paiky once mentioned that he likes women with full lips and I must admit that I thoroughly agree. He mentioned Angelina Jolie and that is an incredibly good choice, no question. But my particular choice is Jolene Blalock. She looks sorta unorthodox with the short Vulcan hairstyle on Enterprise, but the skin-tight outfits they make her wear ellicit no complaints from me. And talk about full lips… Take a look at these pouting lips… Mmmm. This is what she looks like without the Star Trek get up. She’s supposedly a blonde who would rather be a brunette. Go figure. She was a competitive surfer from the beaches of California which is probably where she gets that almost-nothing waistline.

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