Disaster dreams

Wierd dreams lately. For some reason, last week I had dreams about disasters two consecutive nights. Was this an omen?

Tuesday Night–Meteor: I hear the news that a meteor is flying through space and it’s gonna hit somewhere along the East Coast near Virginia. I go outside with Musubi-chan and the air is hot, how your skin feel in front of a heat lamp. I look in the sky and I see a round orange fireball, the same size as the moon. Armageddon… I turn to Musubi-chan. We’re doomed. We don’t have much longer to live. We decide that maybe we can go to California where my dad is. Maybe there’s a chance we can survive this on the Left Coast. Nah, not a chance. The whole world is doomed. But, that means, of course, that money in the bank has little or no value. So naturally, I then find myself at Hechts, trying on corduroy pants… Hey! Maybe they were insulated, ok?

Wednesday night–Floods: We go on an outing and return by train. At the Alpine-looking train station, we try to get on the bus home but for some reason, I’m by myself knowing that Musubi-chan will be on the next one. I arrive alone at our townhouse located in a rocky looking valley. Suddenly there’s a flash flood and our house is being rocked. I somehow find my way back to the station only to find it completely trashed as well. Where’s Musubi-chan! I look around and find a bus toppled over. Musubi-chan is inside safe, fortunately.

I’m not much on remembering dreams but I remembered these two. Perhaps they were a premonition for my talk on film. Ack! Or maybe, I just had to go to the bathroom…

Speaking of bathrooms….
Thanks Hanzo and Kyzer. Your well wishes are appreciated.

Sleetse: Take some seirogan–the medicine with the red trumpet mark in the orange bottle…you know that thing was probably used in WWII…
I know I’m old but not THAT old… sheesh

SATO: I had the same thing yesterday morning… I couldn’t get up in the morning… Take seirogan, the medicine they gave out to soldiers during the nisshin sensou, the war between Japan and the Soviets… That stuff smells like…. crap…
Thanks SATO, but I’m not partial to putting naything that smells like crap in my mouth. Too gross, dude.

Paiky: u got asspiss?
As indelicate as that sounds, it’s about as accurate a description I’ve heard. Of course, Paiky is all too familiar with this situation, especially after a night of generous imbibing! Does yours foam up, too? Just curious. Oh yeah, just fot the record, I got this asspiss, but it was not due to drinking… this time.

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