Who’s lookin’ you up?

On SiteMeter, the hits counter on this page, I can see from where some of the people have come “by referrals”. Usually, they are other Xanga people from their own sites, through other’s sites, or through blobrings. There are also “unknowns”, I presume those who came through other sites–I’m hoping some are coming from Rice Bowl Journals. There’s also those from searches, and I found some pretty strange ones.

Someone came through search.peoplepc.com–whatever that is–by putting in the search words “Jimi” “Hendricks” “father” and “name”. With Jimi H. on my faves list, this person reached this Xanga site.

  • onigiriman’s Xanga Site

    All Along the Watchtower / Jimi Hendricks I could never imagine having to change

    my name to Smith The only time he speaks Korean is when his father is around

    http://www.xanga.com/Onigiriman – 52k – similar pages;

  • Someone Googled “Korean drama” and “BitTorrent” and ended up on my mirror site, JA Journal–just click the about Onigiriman banner, but its mostly what’s been said here, with maybe a little more info about me and the JA opinions organized a bit better…

  • JAJournal of Onigiriman

    well as Chinese (both traditional and simplified) and Korean. drama.afraid.org/bt/japan-tv/

    and apparently need to download bitconjurer.org/BitTorrent/ in order

    members.cox.net/onigiriman/ – 65k – CachedSimilar pages
  • The strangest one was this Yahoo! search: “Pudge” “Rodriguez” and “gay”.

  • Onigiriman’s Xanga Site Open this result in new window

    the Cubbies beat the Marlins–the Pretenders, despite the presence of Pudge Rodriguez–they should to agree with Piratechan who said, “And i hate the gay thing

    http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=Onigiriman – 43k – Cached
  • Can you imagine? This person is trying to figure out if the Marlins catcher is gay, and has the NERVE to click on the Onigiriman! Sorry dude. I don’t discriminate, but I don’t participate, either.

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