Curse you RBJ!

If you go to RBJ, don’t get sucked in like I think I’m gonna… Their forum is lively with lots of posters, so I get a BAAAAAAAAAAD feeling about this…. Another addiction. Hahahahahahaha!!!! Better than, I think!

Kanashibari : update :

Have you ever dreamed of being awake but not being able to move? I have. In Japanese, its called kanashibari, or tied in chains. The first time, I thought that I was somewhere in a parallel universe. I was in my bed and I recognized the outline of the pulled shades in my dark room… but I couldn’t move. My feet and hands would not move. I was beginning to panic. I’m paralyzed! I thought. I tried to screamed but couldn’t. After struggling with my body, I slowly was able to gain a modicum of control, until finally I woke up fully. I was breating heavily. What the hell was that?!?

I had a few more experiences like that, and I realized that it usually occured when I was exhausted and/or stressed out. And I even figured out how to get myself out of it: take deep breaths. I learned that the one thing I could control when I was “in chains” was my breathing. Deep breaths. Long breaths that bring in lots of oxygen to the brain. Once it happened as I was watching TV. I was on my bed watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show when suddenly I couldn’t move my body. Huh, wtf? I’m still watching the show, I can see what’s going on, the room is the same, everything is the same! What the hell is happening? I took my deep breathes and eventually “unchained” myself. But it struck me: Now I get it. I’m sleeping with my eyes open. My body is asleep and cannot move, but with my eyes open, I am still taking in stimuli from the outside world and it gives the effect of being awake.

Now I’m no sleep expert, so what I have just described above is definitely a laymans diagnosis. But maybe, just maybe, some who read this page knows more about this phenomenon and will enlighten me. Please comment if you know anything about, or if you have had a similar experience!

Who’s looking YOU up II

Someone looking for overly-Americanized Asians? Google “twinkie” “white” “inside” “yellow” “outside” “opposite”

Onigiriman’s Xanga Site

your “perfect English” and “patriotism”–although I doubt you are a twinkie. word

was banana, y’know yellow on the outside, white on the inside and after – 43k – CachedSimilar pages

Sorry Paiky, I think someone was looking for you and got me! hahahahah! Google “xanga” “paiky”

Onigiriman’s Xanga Site

I only know Paiky through Xanga, but I have been reading his sites regularly,

and from what I can tell, he is a straight talking guy. – 43k – CachedSimilar pages

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