Holloween Fewer children than I would have expect…


Fewer children than I would have expected. I think about twenty and a bit came by. I wonder why? Are parents protecting their kids from the evils of sugar and bad teeth? Or are they keeping them from possible poisoning or worse, terrorist attacks? Either way, its kind of sad. When I was a kid–which would be make most of you about -18 to -20 years old–we went wild around our neighborhood. We’d get into our cheap Safeway-bought Casper the ghost or Superman outfit, take a large paper bag–there were no plastic bags back them–and try to fill them up as much as possible. Candy was pretty basic back then, nothing like the selection available today. I would usually end up with a bag of individually wrapped caramels and taffy bits. If I went to my cousins house in Monterey Hills, we sometimes were treated with an Abba-zabba or box of Milk Duds or a Milky Way bar. And back then, there were no minisizes, so it really was a treat. We never worried about poisons or terrorists, although there were random tales of rasors in apples… Well thanks to those days, to the delight of my dentist, I have a precarious set of teeth… Maybe my mom should ahve stopped me…

This year we made a Jack-o-lantern… actually a Yoda-lantern..

I guess they’re a little blurry, but it gives it a spookier effect, no? (Ok, ok, I’m just making excuses.) But with a flash, you’d never see the candlelight… Musubi-chan said I kinda look like Sadako from the Ring… Or would that Sadao?

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