All Look Same

No, no, no. This is not another Asian American post, although I think I should post one soon–I’ve been writing too many inconsequential pieces for too long. School has kept me too busy to think too deeply about things that matter–not to make excuses, of course. Anyway, SammyStorm suggested that I look like Takeda Tetsuya. Look at my profile pic on the left or the photo below and compare it with this photo of Takeda. => Hmmm. I wonder…

Now if you’re looking for look alikes, I think that Nefarious_hatter looks sorta like Yoshida Miwa of Dreams Come True.

The photos here are all of Miwa. The one on the far left really looks like Nefarious, at least from the photos I’ve had the chance to glance at. The other two look like her too. I was thinking of putting up her photo here so you could compare them, but I would need her permissions, which I haven’t asked for… Hey Nefarious, do you think you kinda look like her? Or if anyone who know Nefarious in person, can you tell me if these look like her?

Actually, when I came back from Japan in 1996, I was much thinner. I used to workout regularly and had shorter hair. I was told on three different occasions that I looked like Jackie Chan. Hahahahaha. Okay, I laughed with ya. Two of them were non-Asians, so they don’t count. No, offense, but I am refering to those who probably know few or no Asians and we probably all look alike to them. But one was a Korean guy who was working at Bloomingdale’s in Tyson’s Corner. When he said it–I presumed he had seen a few Asian faces in his day–I took notice. My sister, who was with me at the time, doubled over laughing. Anyway, if anyone wants to look at a photo from back then, holler… Maybe I’ll scan one and you can tell me whether I look more like Testuya or Jackie.

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