Bruins play Wazzu The Bruins play Washington Sta…

Bruins play Wazzu

The Bruins play Washington State at Pullman, WA, and it will not be a picnic. Matt Moore will again start. He was sacked 8 times last week against a team that is 9th out of ten teams in the Pac10 in sacks. Ouch! Wazzu has a good defense, so I will pray for Moore’s safety. Now don’t get me wrong. I have faith in the Bruins, but I will also keep my fingers crossed and wear my newly designated extra-special good luck sweat shirt (above), courtesy of Winward_Skies. Go Bruins.

Get Protection

No, no, no, I’m not talking about condoms… Today we go get our annual flu shots. An ounce of protection is worth… yadda yadda… Did you get your shot Mona-chan?


PerfectSanjuro Heh, I don’t think I’d ever let anyone that I know in a professional matter know that I have a xanga. Apparently one of my teachers has one, and according to what he writes he does some very interesting things in his free time. I find it amusing that this is the same person that writes up my exams and teaches me Physics.

Gee, I don’t know how to respond to this… If Sanjuro feels this way, how do my students feel about me? Are they “amused” at reading Onigiriman, the dude who makes and grades their papers, who teaches them Jap lang and lit? While I don’t go into explicit detail, I have mentioned a few things that some of my kids may find disconcerting. Perhaps, I should reconsider this Xanga thing. It would, actually, give me more time to do my work, such as write recommnedations and grade midterms in a timely manner. Perhaps, Sanjuro has opened my eyes a bit…. NOT! Hahahahahaha. Me? Quit? The word doesn’t exist in my vocab list–inside joke. Tell me what you think! Or better yet, tell PerfectSanjuro what you think… hehehehe, I’m sooooo mean, but my kids already know this.

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