weekend ramblings II: Narcissistic moment

Yes, I’m narcissistic. But I think that’s basically true of everyone who maintains a public weblog. I must admit that it makes me even happier–no giddier–to read flattering comments made by young ladies. Now, please don’t misinterpret; I’m not on some middle-age fantasy, looking for a sweet 20-something to make me feel younger. I already feel young… sorta. Besides, who among us doesn’t want to feel a little love? Mr_Mephisto, former student and Jap major, wrote: You are so shaq diesel! I never knew…. Rock on, sensei! It’s is good to hear from her once in a while. She’s teaching little Jap kiddies Engrish in Niigata. But it seems she may have been in Japan too long. What’s “shaq diesel”? Is that a mutation found in Japan, or am I just simply out of it in the US? Christine0109 was a student of mine, but transfered to a school closer to home: “even tho ur twice our age, ur still young at heart and are a fun person to be around. I’m glad I’m fun to be around. I sometimes feel like a guru, of sorts, when young ones gather around asking for advice, trying to get my attention… usually over my liquid of choice: BEER…. Another young lady from the left coast, consummate_leah, commenting one a previous post, said: oh please. You are ubercool…. I would have loved to read my professor’s blogs when I was in college. I’d probably be more inclined to talk to them as a result. This comment makes me comfortable. I’m glad that it’s possible for students to feel comfortable with their professors, if given the opportunity. I always try to give them opportunities. Even more pleasant is the fact I have never met Leah; we “know” each other only as commenters on each other’s site. Although I’m not sure about being “ubercool”. It’s flattering, but I’m a regular guy, so just plain “cool” will suffice for me… Damnation, I AM narcissistic… and maybe a bit boring… Maybe rambling is not good…

Weekend Ramblings I: I used to do “Weekend Fluff” but once school started, and the college football season–the one I am trying to forget at this moment–was under way, I have not really written any fluff pieces. Although I dubbed them fluff, there was nothing fluffy about the time it took to write them. So I thought I’d just ramble thoughts as they come to me, randomly, as I continue my work over the weekend….

Yesterday, I used Sanjuro‘s comment to have a little fun, at his expense. Don’t take it seriously, but your comments made me think about my own position as a teacher who blogs about his personal thoughts and have my students know it. I thought it was interesting that you found your professor’s life amusing. It suggested to me the distance you feel–or perhaps he establishes–between you two. I believe that the kids (students) who get to know me–mostly those who are majors, who take Bungo (literary Japanese), and who are willing to visit my office–will not feel the same distance. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m their best buddy–or try to be. We don’t hang out together–indeed, there is very little we share, be it music, games, etc. But we do share our lives in an academic context and I do advise them on a number of thing, from where to study abroad, how to study Japanese, or what they should do after they graduate. To counsel successfully, I want them to be as honest with me as possible; and to promote this, to encourage them to be open with me, I am usually very open to them about my life. They realize that I am human too, that I do more than just teach, grade and read musty books. They know I like to drink beer, watch football, see movies. Many have heard of, then read about my life when I was their age in “Not Living Up To Expectations” (NLUTE) which you can find in the JAJournal–just click the Onigiriman banner above. They know I was once flaky, that I hated to study more than they do now, that I played in a band and blew off school, worked, got drunk and didnt go to college… but was eventually able to put my life back together. I want them to think, “Geez, if he can do it, then I have no excuse!” Or something like that… Wow, as I reread this, this sounds so whorish. What am I doing? Trying to sell myself? Ha!…

More later… back to grading…

Bruins suck wind again

SammyStorm: Were they TRYING to turn the ball over?? sorry about your Bruins.

Alas, no. They were not trying to give the game to Washington. It just looked like it because they played so poorly. Thanks for the condolences, but there is little else to do but commit ritual suicide… * sigh *

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