To all the football gods


…To all the football gods in heaven, hear my prayer…… and while I’m at it, Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas, all I want for the rest of the season, is for the Bruins to beat the Trojans. I know, this is a ridiculous request. We are talking about a bear vs. a condom.

It should not be a problem. I mean, even Drew Olson can beat a Trojan, right? But the Bruins have a new den mother in Coach Karl Dorrell, and so they’ve been rather confused with his new plans, the West Coast Offense, in Westwood. Soooo, forget the offense, may be we can score a TD and a couple of field goals. And KD is a former Bruin and knows how serious this game is for us Bruins, so he should be extra-motivating. More realistically, though, we need to see the D play their best game of the year. Geez, did you know that the Burins have the #16 defense in the nation? How does a 6-5 team have the #16 defense? Heart, guts, talent. Get turnovers, beat up Leinhart in the first quarter, interception here and there. Hey! We gotta chance! So please, please, Bruins. Give 110% on each play, Make every play as if your life depended on it. I will be rooting for you with all my heart. You can bet that I will be taking every sip of beer as if my life depended on it! Go Bruins, Kick $uc’s ass!

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