…Kick $uc’s ass!… but unfortunately, it turned out the other way. The Trojan’s killed my Bruins, then cut them up into little bitty pieces and had them for lunch on the Coliseum floor. This makes it five straight losses to sc, a very reluctant tip of the hat to them. *grumble, grumble* The Bruins have died. Long live the Bruins… Another season over, another year to look forward to some recuperating. This is truly hard to take year in and year out. But I will be there next year as well. I will be cheering them on, hoping for a great season. With Steve Lavin gone, maybe we’ll get ’em in basketball… I can only hope.

As my kids know, there are specific rules to renga, and one of them is that one topic cannot extend for three verses. Here, that would be three entries. Well, this weekend, each entry was about the Bruins and their game with sc. So I guess I broke a rule and some of my kids will grade me harshly. That’s okay. Grade harshly, grade strictly.

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