Asian Blog Award

This Asian blog award thing is turning into a major argument centered on the issue of what consititutes the use of claiming a blog to be “Asian”. It’s kinda rediculous. This is a comment I posted on RBJ’s Forum earlier today:
“This is so amazing… We have a non-Asian in Asia claiming to have an Asian blog, an Asian in the US claiming that it’s a non-Asian blog located in Asia… I’m JA and have what? An American blog? Absolutely, because I was born in the US and am culturally American… But then I am culturally Japanese too, as I have been influenced by my parents. So what does that make my blog? Japanese-American? Probably. Asian-American? Partially–I can’t claim to represent other Asians. Japanese? No. I’m JA, not J. Asian? Again, no. I am AA not Asian. Some may think I am full of it, an Asian/Jap-American who has lost his identity. Well, I speak near-native Japanese, have lived in Japan 10 years in total, I have studied Japan–East Asian culture (MA), Jap Lit (PhD)–and so I think I know a little bit about Japan and Asia. But the more I study it, the more I realize that I am not one of them. So how do I categorize my blog? And how can anyone promote a blogsite on the Internet as being catagorized in any country? Isn’t the Internet kinda borderless, despite where you live?

“So this is much ado about nothing, as far as I can tell. Let’s all chill a bit. If someone feels good about being in Asia, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. To quote that famous philosopher, Rodney King: Can we all just get along?”

Can only Asians have Asian blogs? Can a non-Asian have an Asian blog if he lives in Asia? What are your thoughts?

Okay, I Am Now Officially Freaked Out… : updated :
Yesterday, I was at the RBJ Forum (click me, click me, hahaha), and read an entry that mentioned the Asian Weblog Award. How quaint. I guess for Asians to feel empowered, we have to create our own awards now. Oh well, everything starts from baby steps, and that’s the reality. But, imagine my surprise when I read the following from Zettonv this morning:

read sammy storms xanga…i voted for you haha

Huh?!? So I went to Asia Weblog Awards 2003: Best Japanese Blog and CRAP! There’s Onigiriman. Who the devil nominated me? Ok, ok, so I went yesterday and saw my name was not on the the list and for a moment–a very brief, miniscule moment–thought that I’d nominate myself. But thought better of it. That would be the ultimate NARCISSISTIC act. I always say that this Xanga thing is an act of narcissism, we all talk about ourselves, right? But to think that one has an award-worthy blog is the zenith of self-love… Damn, why do I tell you guys everything?!?

Bottom line: I am flattered. I currently have 4 votes. Hahahaha. Well, I’m no polititcian but I think I’ll vote for myself now. Anyone wanna vote for me, I ain’t gonna stop you, but if you wanna nominate someone else, you should… Just don’t tell me… Hahahaha. Kidding, kidding!!!

Anyway, who nominated me? Well, I’ve just learned that thanks goes to SammyStorm. Thanks Sammy… Y’know with you, and Nefarious (who I haven’t heard from in a while) and Enygma (whose as tall as I am) and Fooky (and his band) and etc. I really should go to Chicago… or Illinois in general. We can all go to Orange, introduce ourselves to Paiky to get discounted drinks and get $hitf@ced. Hahaha. Now that’s a plan if I ever heard one! Chicago in winter. Hey Paiky, can you make Irish coffee so we don’t freeze our you-know-what’s off.

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