Marie–actually it’s Sarah Marie–was the 10,000th hit on my site. that would be 900 hits ago? Damn! Have that many of you been here since then? Anyway, from what her boyfriend told me, she was sitting in front of the computer, waiting to pounce like a cat on her mouse to be #10,000. Hahahahaa, isn’t she precious? (No, I am not Gollum, although Musubi-chan tell’s me I sound like himand am a rounder, more well-fed version of him.) Anyway, I wrote that I would put up a special entry for her, and here it is.

Um… lets see, she’s a Bruin, like me, which is always a plus. Her mother’s Japanese, which makes her a “haafu”. Uh, er, and she often puts up a link on her page to her blog site… BUT unfortunately, you need to sign-in and know that password. That being the case, I cannot comment on any of it, as I can’t comment on stuff that my other readers cannot freely access for their own perusal. Hmmm… soooooooooo, instead I went looking through her Xanga, and found a post that was interesting. I will post it here and provide a running commentary. And Sarah, remember this is all in good fun. I can sometimes sound sarcastic so sit down when you read this:

November 17
You know, this xanga thing is kinda funny. Wait, let me rephrase that… ALL of these online journal/diary things are really.. somethin. Just goes to show you that words are a very powerful thing. You could really piss someone off one day, show them you love them the next, etc… I know some people make an effort to prove their intellect (which is wonderful if you’re truly intelligent).. OR show millions of pics (I think I fall in that category lol) OR make their site all nice and pretty =0) OR tell about their day… But you also have those people who describe their full 24 hours in vivid detail (as if the reader gave a damn). Aaahhhh, however, if the reader DID “give a damn” then that would be a different story. I believe there are variations when “giving a damn” such as:

Duh! Yeah, this Xanga thing is funny. And, yeah, words are really powerful. I teach Lit and I am a true believer of the power of words.

Argh! Busted! Okay, I admit it, I have no intellect!

And my site is not all that pretty and nice. I believe in black text on white background. Easy to read, don’t you think? But… What?!? You mean no one gives a damn about what I write? ESPECIALLY when its in vivid detail? Dang! I’m going to RBJ…

a) people that just want to see how their friends are doing or

a) Well, I don’t have many “friends”. No offense guys. When I say friends, I mean my warm-bodied, known-for-at-least-5-years kind of friends. But I do have my kids that I want to visit, and many of my new virtual friends are people I hope to meet someday. Although, I fear that they wouldn’t want to meet me…

b) just curious of how other people’s sites “look and feel” like (lol) or even

Hmmm, I can’t feel anything, so I just look at the profile pic. Any guys out there wanna refute that?

c) those who want to know how someone is doing because they loathe them with the passion and want them to die (that’s a bit extreme but it’s true!).

“C” does not apply to me.. but to the sorry asses that do have that problem… “Sweetie, you can’t kill someone through your entries” nor can you fuck with their shit and think you can piss them off. (What are you? Some sort of sadist?) Because, in reality, what’s done is done.. and you simply cannot do anything about it but move on.

Aah, now this is interesting… Are there actually people out there who visit sites cuz you loathe them? Hmm, when I loathe someone, I ignore them. I think denying someone recognition is just about the worst insult anyone could give, and if the denial relates to his existence–i.e. ignoring them–that’s as insulting as you could get. Its non-confrontational, non-violent, and very effective. But hey, that’s just me…

All of my girlfriends and guyfriends know that I’ve been through a lot… and many of you readers don’t know my story, but I don’t expect you to know me. What you SHOULD know about me is that I deserve this happiness that have right now. You have no right to hate me, because you never knew who I was before this happiness. So, just leave it alone. I WOULD KNOW ! I’m “OLDER” (hell yeah).. AND WISER lol I can be mature and immature, but my immaturity is a part of my personality (not stupidity like some bitch I know).

“Like some bitch”? Is this a cat fight? Is this what this entry’s about? Well despite that, I think that we are all entitled to happiness as long as what we do to attain that happiness does not impede on the happiness of others. But, damn, if ou’re “OLDER”, what am I? What’s older than “OLDER”? Oldest? Well, I can state for the record–and this is coming from years of experience–older, or oldest, has nothing to do with being wise. I am not “wiser,” as many have recently insuated.

Actually, the post is a little longer, but I don’t think it necessary to get a taste of Marie, I mean Simply_Marie (there are two Maries)… no, I mean Sarah. Anyway, her attempts to address the Xanga phenomenon demonstrates an intellectual bent compared to most Xangans–although most of the people I read show the same characteristic. This is because of their relative age, I think. Many–Paiky, Sammy, Hama–are older than the average Xangan. I’m probably the oldest, but among this elite group, probably the stupidest.

Marie/Sarah/Simply also injects feelings into her posts, which is a good thing, I think. Some are real cool and cerebral (Sammy), or straight-forward (Paiky, the other Marie) or just insightfully funny (Sleetse, Hama). Some write about personal interests and as a result inject as much feeling as Sarah, like Taku. But the point is that we all come to Xanga for our own reasons and share portions of ourselves to others, be it good or bad.

Sarah–If I may may make one tiny comment: You post on, and even leave a link to it on your Xanga site, but no one can read it unless you give them the sign-in and password. now how would this appear to others? Remember, “Perception is nine tenth of reality.” And original Onigiriman saying, hahahahha. Kinda stolen from another similar saying? Duh!

Anyway, for better or worse, this was my special entry for Simply_Marie. It is fun reading your entiries… when it’s accessible…

Next: #11,111… Kinda scary, no?

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