Time off

This past semester has presented a variety of matters, much of which has not been good for the bottom of my feet–for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, read “The Girl from Ipanema” by Murakami Haruki… Anyway, I need a break as much as anyone and am going to NYC to visit my sister. It will be a short trip, but long enough to bring some peace of mind. During this time, I will be sans computer, but I will be back on the 30th…

My beloved Bruins are playing in a second (third?) tier bowl game on the 30th. How far have the mighty Bruins fallen? Not only do they play in that famous of all bowl games, the “Silicon Valley Classic”–I know, its glory resounds throughout the college football world–they may actually lose! The thought of perennial WAC power, Fresno State, whipping the Boys in Powder Blue is terribly disconcerting. No offense to the denizens of the the San Juaquin Valley, but the Bruins have no business losing to you guys, although that is what I fear may happen… *sigh* In any case, QB Matt Moore has decided to leave the team and school, presumably because he is not and will not get the playing time he thought he deserved. Goodbye, Matt. Say hello to Drew Olson who led the Bruins to its first five victories this season when they were 5-2. Apparently, Drew is getting much more comfortable in practice taking all the snaps, knowing that he is the ONLY QB now; not having to look over his shoulder… DB Matt Ware, Loyola HS alum, is also considering the NFL. If his prospective indicates a first-round draft pick, the word is he will go. Dear Santa, I know its late, but please make Matt a middle third-round choice; and while your at it, convince Brigham Harwell (Los Altos) to stick with the Bruins as his choice for college…

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