Last Day of the Year 2003–Update

1:04pm–It’s a glorious day in DC/Virginia and so I will go out running now. My beloved Bruins again sucked as they lost to the ever ferocious, world dominating Fresno St. Bulldogs–I know that BarbEric hate it when I talk sports, but HEY!, watching sports is a big part of who I am… Anyway, gonna run for about an hour in the neighborhood. See ya’.

2:53pm–Time to take a shower and go shopping. Tonight is New Year’s Eve and it’s time to buy some toshikoshi soba–lit. crossing over to the next year noodles. Gotta eat it with tempura. Mmmmm. Also gonna get some other stuff folr New Years Day, like mochi (rice cakes) for soup and/or just to roast. Actually I like the roasting better: just dip it in some soy sauce and wrap nori (dried seaweed) around it, although it sometimes feels like tomogui (eating a being of the same genus). So I often wrap it up in pickled cabbage (hakusai) or kimchee, both are excellent. We’ll also get stuff for niimono (vegetables boiled and reduced in soy sauce, sake, etc.)–daikon radish, carrots, renkon (lotus root), gobo (burdock?), and others. It’s the best. I snack on this for two to three days cuz it’s perfect with sake.

2 thoughts on “Last Day of the Year 2003–Update

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