Happy New Year
This is the year of the Monkey. And for my money, the guy on the right knows how to spend his New Years, in an Onsen (hot spring). You know life is growing difficult when you begin to envy a monkey, no, no, a phot of a monkey! The end of the world must be near. Hahahahaah

Hope all of you have a wonderful 2004!

I just saw an interesting anime called “Voice of the Distant Star”. Anyone familiar with it. I have to see it again, but it was kinda interesting, dealing with the incongruities between time and space. It also came with a short anime piece called “She and Her Cat” (Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko). It was really cute and funny and B/W and well made. The short piece alone was worth the rental.

You choose the music
Over the past few months, I have complained about a few things that make certain pages load slowly, such as emoticons. Well, music also slows down pages, so I have taken it off. If I didn’t, I would feel like a hypocrite, especially after a couple of readers told me what a pain it was at times. But I have put links above in case some of you want to hear old songs, a juke box of sorts. Just click on the songe you wanna hear and it will play… it should play… If you do decide to give it a listen, let me know which one’s you like; otherwise I will change them at will. Some of the songs don’t have text, so if you want add something, put it in a comment and I will use it.