Whew! And I thought I needed a rectal exam…

Response of the day…
the best time to drink beer is when u mix it with believe it or not frappucchino.
— Posted 1/14/2004 by Zettonv

Would you mix anything with beer?

I’m glad I’m not being too anal. I was not the best student in the world, to be sure. I’d bet a bunch of old friends and former teachers would vouch for that. But, as I will eventually write about in the continuation of NLUTE, I met a human anatomy professor at a community college who was personable, concerned, encouraging and funny. The class–for those of you with wild imaginations–dealt with the entire body, but mostly internal structures such as muscles, organs, and nervous system. This professor has been my template, the one person I try to emulate. Damn, he changed my life! And it has been my goal to be a positive influence–in any measure–to my students… Of course, I can just imagine them rolling their eyes RIGHT NOW as they read this. You know who you are: Mr_Mephisto, korikai, CaptainGaijin, MarJa, jammkat, GOnews, hanazakari, Purin_kun, Shiroi_Norite, Grom, Christine0109, Windward_Skies, FanaticalSHORN, triphopx, ross229er, kizyr (hope I didn’t miss anyone)… If you visit these guys–some don’t post actively–leave them a comment.

Sex Education… from mmh
One day, a boy asked his dad: “Dad, why does making love feel so good?”
Dad said: “Its just like picking your nose. Of course it feels good.”
Son asks: “Then why don’t men feel as good as girls?”
Dad said: “Because when you pick your nose, its your nose that feel good, not your finger.”
Son asks: “Then why do women feel bad when … Click here to continue at mmh.

First day of class…

Yeah, yeah, I know, I said school started on Monday, and it did, but MY classes started today… Readings in Classical, Readings in Modern J and J Cuture through Film. We did nothing in Classical; I just handed out the assignment for next class. In Modern, after a warm-up what did you do over vacation–in Japanese–we read a short piece by Murakami Ryu on how beer is great to drink after rigorous activitiy–wind-surfing, tennis, swimming–on the south sea island of Saipan.

In the Film class, I showed the first half on Seven Samurai tonight. And as I do every year, I got real anal before the movie. I make them sign a contract promising they understand all the requirements in class and that they will not cheat. Don’t laugh. I inevitably get students rolling their eyes, but despite all this, every year there are at least three (3) students who cheat by plagerizing from the Interenet. We’re talking about a 1-2 page paper. Why would you want to plagerize!!!!! Anyway, I do this to give them the opportunity to understand that I am dead serious. Some profs will not say anything and them when s/he catches someone–Boom–suspension. I think its nice of me to give them fair warning that I actually do check to see if anyone is cheating. And the main point is that I’m not trying to catch anyone who’s cheating just to catch someone. I do it to be fair to the students who do honest work. Can you imagine if you did your own hard work and got a B+ and the person next to you got an A by cheating? Wouldn’t you be pissed? I would, and I don’t want any of my studnets pissed because of what I neglet to do…

So am I too anal?

And when is beer the most delicious for you. For me, its at the end of the semester after grading a stack of finals. That first gulp is mighty refreshing!