My Lightening Rod

A number of people commented on my entries of the past two days, and more than a few saddened me, such as Kenshiro’s Comment of the day. While I lived during a time of civil strife, today’s world is supposed to be more enlightened. And, indeed most people I know reflect a greater understanding of our contemporary world, but there remain a significant few who still live in the dark ages and continue to spew their hatred to the detriment of not only minorities but all members of our society…

The topic I have raised is a sensitive one for many minorities, and given the number and length of the comments I have received, it has become a lightening rod of sorts for the thoughts and opinions of my visitors. But today, in an attempt to write something lighter, I want to talk about another lightening rod

Back in October, I related my burning adventure with jalapeno peppers. As you recall, I had to use the restroom after handling some chilis and as a result, a very sensitive part of my body learned to shout: “Ai! Mui caliente“. (To read the entire entry, click here–go ahead, I dare ya’.) Well, I had another stupid experience recently. As the the temperature has dropped, so has the humidity, leaving the air as dry as a bone. As a result, static electricity has seems to jump out from everywhere. I think static electricity is a product of electrons–those things that circle the nucleus of an atom–that can transfer from one object to another when they rub against each other. Now, I’m no scientist, but as I understand it, this transfer of electrons is easier in a dry environment and when one object gets an overload of electrons, a negative charge, it will jump at protons, a positive charge, the first chance it gets. This sudden jump is what causes the electric shock we feel… or something like that. Can someone clarify or verify? I have to have at least one visitor who remembers high school science.

In any event, the other day I came home from shopping and began to change into my homewear. As is my custom, I like to take my socks and pants off first and then my sweater–48% cotton, 27% linen, 25% acrylic–and as is often the case with clothing that contains degrees of synthetic fabrics, it cackled with electricity. Well, this piece of clothing was obviously looking for a postive charge somewhere… anywhere. I began to fold my sweater when it brushed that same sensitive part of my body…

CRACK! An electric jolt hit me where it counts, right at the tip. Man, did it hurt. You guys know how sensitive that part is. Imagine pricking it (no pun intended) with a needle. Now multiply that 3 to 10 times (depending on how sensitive you are). Musubi-chan, who was facing away and also changing her clothes, spun around surprised.

“Woah, that must have hurt, Where did it…” She stopped in mid-sentence and stared at me, as I was doubled over grabbing [insert today’s title above] in an awkward attempt to chase the pain away (Itai, itai, tonde-ike!).

“Gyahahahahahaha! Are you okay? Hahahaha, I mean, kekekekeke, really, are you okay? Przupzufufu,” asked Musubi-chan, in as sympathetic a face as she could muster.

“I don’t think I’ll need surgery, if that’s what you mean,” was all I could mutter. Y’know, for me to refrain from any sort of sarcasm, I think I would have to be dead…

So what was the worst static shock you ever received? (C’mon, let’s share!)