Weekend fluff and other stuff

Except for yesterday, the past few entries have been on the serious side. But in all things, there must be balance. The mother of an ex once told me: “Work hard, study hard, play hard. And you’ll never regret what you do in life.” For some reason, her words rang true in these then 21-year-old ears. I’m sure many of you have had a hard week so have a hard weekend as well.
Xanga 101, Section 004: What the…?!?
I mentioned that I have lost comments I had written on other sites, and received a few reponses from others who have experienced similar problems. (I have also lost my own entries in the Main Entry edit box…) While I’m sure most of you already know this, here are a few things to keep in mind

  • Copy your text before clicking submit. Someone–I can’t remember who–said he composed on a text editor first and then copied and pasted. I don’t do this when I comment on other sites, but I do it with my own entries.
  • To copy text, press ctrl+a to select the entire text and ctrl+c to copy it. If you have an old computer like me with little ram memory, sometimes it won’t copy correctly so it might do you well to see if you can paste it, as well…
  • Check to see if your comment posted; if it didn’t, try clicking the “Comment box not working? Click here.” button below the comment edit box. Then paste the text you copied ctrl+v, and resubmit. You can also try clicking the “Edit HTML” box after you paste your comment. I sometimes wonder if plain (HTML) text goes through easier than “rich text”.
  • We all have different tolerance levels, but for me, if I can’t post something in 3 tries, I give up and go elsewhere. I figure the Xanga gods don’t want me to post what I wrote…

Do you have another blog site?
It occurred to me that the last time Xanga was having serious issues with losing posts, it soon had a temporary breakdown. I don’t know if the two are related, but my memory prompts me to remember it that way. Be that as it may, as a certified Xanga/bloggin addict, I posted on my other site–the JA Journal–when Xanga was down last year. If Xanga ever experiences problems in the future, I will be over there still posting. But I hate to post alone. If you have an alternate site, let me know your url. I will add your site to my list of non-Xanga sites I read. You can either post it on the comment site or send it to me by email.

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