My Day… Man! Its freezin’

It’s freakin’ freezin’ in DC/VA. Wind chill takes the temperature down to below freezing: That’s farenheit, not celcius! My head hurts, its so cold…

Hehehe… I just checked and its ONLY 18 degrees. With the wind chil its a balmy 5 degrees. I was out shopping with Musubi-chan…. We went out to return a video to Blockbuster: The Core. A corny movie I will talk out it later. But after we returned the Video, we went to Safeway to get some stuff–tomatoes, soda, chips, sausages–then stopped off at our favorite watering whole, Glory Days. As my regular readers know, I have been going there for a while, but recently, I have noticed another Asian sitting at the bar talking to some of the other patrons. I don’t really talk to strangers unless I’m drinking alone, and since I’m always with Musubi-chan, I keep to myself. Well, tonight, the Asian guy was sitting next to Musubi-chan and when she went to the restroom–which she is prone to do after the 2nd beer–he asked me in Japanese, “Do you speak Japanese?” This, of course, was a stupid question, cuz’ why would he ask me unless he had actullay heard me talk in Japanese with Musubi-chan? Well, being the easy going guy I am, I talked with him a bit and learned he was from Japan. He had come to the US in the early 70s, and he claims he was sort of a hippie: going place to place, from Japan to India to Europe and finally to the US. He was an interesting sort, who seemed to want to speak some Japanese. And I felt a little bit of a kindred spirit. And I figured out why after talking with him a bit: Soon after coming to the US, he made a friend who was from Nebraska, a town called Cozad to be exact, the king of alfalfa. He told me that was the first place he bedded an American… Guys will talk about anything when they’re drunk, even with a stranger. Anyway, he said this was possible because at the time–the early 70s–none of the denizens of Cozad, Nebraska had ever seen an Oriental, and the girl he met was convinced he was Bruce Lee! Hah! That was good for a laugh, expecially since, from my Asian eyes, he looked NOTHING like Bruce Lee.

So why did I get this sense of a kindred spirit? He looks like Bruce Lee. And who do I look like, according to some of you? Hahahahahahahahahah!

Just outa curiosity, has anyone ever told you, that you looked like somebody?

One thought on “My Day… Man! Its freezin’

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