Xanga and Me II:

Personal Guidelines 1
I was gonna talk about someone who has her own “special” blogspace and called Xanga a “whore”. A WHORE! Well, if Xanga is a whore, then I’m her john, even though I don’t pay for premium. Hehehe. Well, I just realized she now has her own Xanga site! Dahahahahaha! But I will refrain from comment.

Full Disclosure: I know this otherwise nice person…. *sigh*

Anyway, there are a couple of things I’d like to say about my Xanga habits. Its really not a big deal, I suppose, but periodically, I get comments like, “Why don’t you comment on my site,” and such. So I thought I’d share my guidelines.

Topics: As with most other Xangans (we sound like a bunch of aliens in a 50s movie, don’t we?), I write about what interests me, or what strikes my particular fancy on any given day. Last week, I read something by Consummate_Leah and was moved to discuss the topic of “intelligence”. Again last week, I was struck by the number of comments regarding quizzes and such–all in good fun of course. Other times, I feel like writing a review on a movie or I wanna talk about my favorite subject: ME. But whatever I write, I try to put down what is honest and true to me. I don’t write to please or to impress. God knows I would only fail if I did. I write for myself, as Xanga has become a release for me. I don’t bitch about my work, per se: “so-and-so did this, pee-pee-head said that”. I don’t use Xanga to vent personal issues, although I may have done it a couple of times early on, and when the Bruins play the trojans… But, much like running is a good way to relieve stess, I find that the act of writing itself is a release as well. So I write and I write and I write. I have had students ask me, “Where do you have the time?” “Don’t you have to grade?” But Xanga helps me grade and teach better since it sorta relaxes me.

So what are you? A ranter who writes about the personal crises that occur in and around your life? A commentator who jots down observations and opinions of your own life? An observer who notes the happenings around this world? Personally, I think I’m an crammentator, one who comments while periodically ranting about personal things… besides, it sounds nasty…

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