Gulp! RateMyProfessor.Com

I went to Sorjen‘s site, and she had a link to her professor. I clicked on it to see what it was all about and found that I could see ratings of instructors from any university, as long as someone added the name. Well, I went to my school and found my name! Gulp… It wasn’t a bad rating but there were only two. So for those of you who know me, please feel free to Click here and rate me. Believe me, there is no way I can trace you, so be honest–as I always tell you when you do your evaluations at the end of the course. BTW: the link only takes you to DC universities, so only those who actually know me can rate me. Of course, if you were to Google me, you’d learn who I was in an instant.

Comment of the day…
i just write how i feel at that moment and thats that…people can say what they want but it’ll never change what i wrote or feel.
— Posted 2/4/2004 EndlesSkye

Ask and ye shall be heard.
Takunishi79: Oh, so who was your 15,000th bitch to hit the page??
I have no idea. The bitch wouldn’t tell me. But if you guys wanna read an article on the use of “Jap” by a major US company in a public advertisement–man, this is pure coincidence–click on Takunishi to read it!

detachable: damn, your site always make me go and do some lateral thinking. now why is that?
I have no idea. But your site always make my eyes do some cross-eyed glancing, but I know why: you’re great pix…

SleepingCutie: dude, i was hit # 15,125! does that count for anything?
No, but your honesty does. If you guys haven’t visited her yet, go now. Read me later. Her honesty is as good as it gets. Makes me wanna turn into a bottle of vodka.

ddsb2000: I saw lost in translation last night.I thought it was really good but I was wondering about one thing. At one pt. in the movie there was this guy who pulled out a gun that appeared to shoot lasers. What was that thing?
I don’t remember the scene, but if it was his weewee I would have remembered, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that. Which reminds me, I have to buy that DVD now that it just came out. Great flick, hope it gets recognized with at least one Oscar…

Xanga and Me II:
Personal Guidelines 2
Subscribing: Another aspect of Xanga that relaxes me is visiting other sites. Going here and there to read what others are writing is fun and ultimately relaxing. When I was a little Xangan, I used to look through blobrings and try to identify interesting people, much as ElliottSez is doing now–man, its comforting to know that I’m not the only 40 something on Xanga, check him out. Being JA, one of the first blobrings I went to is Japan by ringleader JustAJapGirl–another user of a racial epithet as a self referent; there certainly a number of them, aren’t there. But they had something like 300 members and I–the narcissist–figured I would not stand out. So I went to Japan II by ringleader Sleetse, which was new and had less than 20 members, which meant that: Damn, I could NOT blog for three days and still be on the first page of the blobring! Hahahaha. But then, no one else would come either, but so what. It’s about me–I should mention that Sleetse (pron. sleazy) is one of those who attempts to rile readers up by ragging on others with racial slurs and stereotypes, but I find it funny because I know it’s tongue in cheek, for not only does he slam others, he slams himself and other Japs just as hard in a funny, Hey-I-wanna-be-a-badass-jap-too kinda way. Heheheh, sorry Sleetse, but not to worry, “I got your back” (ref. F-Raccoon).

Anyway, I rarely visit blobrings anymore, even the ones I subscribe to, because I just don’t have the time. Instead I usually visit the sites to which I subscribe. Currently, I subscribe to 81 Xangans (of the 100 who subscribe to me). Generally, I subscribe to those who subscribe to me, but there are a few stipulations. First and foremost, the person has to update regularly, at least three to four times a week. And I will wait awhile to see the subscribers updating habits before I subscribe to them. Also, um… hmm… actually, that’s the only stipulation. I don’t judge on content, as l believe that Xanga is a place to talk about whatever you want, whether I agree with you or not. It is, in my view, a liberating place where you can write without fear of being graded by anyone… although I must admit that I have been tempted tell some to work on their grammar… and of course, Hanzo picked out a typo for me, Sheesh, ME!

And Unsubscribing: If a person does not update regularly, or seems to have given up their Xanga, I will cancel my subscription, which I have done a few times. Unless, of course, the profile pic is cute, like masumi. Ah, life is unfair…

So what compels you to subscribe to someone?

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