What’s in your HTML?

Comment of the day…
man, if i had a dollar for every movie that disappointed me, i’d be a millionaire.
— Posted 2/15/2004 Detachable

sputtum: hope u dont mind that i “borrow” some elements from ur site! u know ur html and know how to make a good xanga site!!
Hmmm… Is there anything proprietary about HTML? Well, sputtum, you can borrow all you want, but to be honest I don’t know what you would borrow from me. I have black text on white background. I have a Comment of the day box, but that’s just a table. I insert some images, but so does everyone else. So, I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but you’re welcome to steal whatever you can. Lord knows, I’ve borrowed HTML from many sites. Indeed, that’s how I learned a lot of what I know now. But I am glad you like the look of my site. It is simple to be sure, but I believe that simple is best. Being able to read the page quickly and easily is good for all of my guests.

Speaking of which… For those of you who write in Japanese on your site. Please read this! Many of us US Xangans have the ability to read Japanese, but since we have English OS, we have to change the encoding to read many Japanese sites, usually be right clicking and selecting the apppropriate code. Some of you–for reasons that are beyond me–use some script to disable right clicking, thereby preventing us English OS users from reading your sites. Do you know how jacked up that is? Well for you guys, as well as all who use Japanese, you would be saving us a lot of trouble if you put the following HTML into your Xanga page.

<META content=”text/html;charset=x-sjis” http-equiv=”Content-Type”>

You can put the above META tag in between your current <HEAD> tags. If you don’t have premium, like me, you can cut-and-paste the whole thing–including <head> and </head>–into your “Input your own Header HTML” edit box on the Look and Feel page. By doing so, we who have Japanese reading capability should be able to see the page in Japanese automatically without going to the trouble of changing the encoding. This will also work on the comments page. Now this META tag may affect certain symbols specific to English type, such as 1/2 [ス] or the copyright mark [ゥ]–right click, and select encoding, Wesern European to see the symbols. But I think we use Japanese much more than these special symbols. Are you listening Kumachi, Taku, Hanzo, Zetttonv, et al?

Whose looking you up? Revisited
SleepingCutie seems to come up on random and unusual searches. Strangers seem to click on me as well with random search words. But I never expected to come up on Yahoo when someone searched The Butterfly Effect, nude and pics… Whoever clicked me must have been sorely disappointed.

Onigiriman’s Xanga Site Open this result in new window
The Butterfly Effect Find more music, books and movies in the Xanga because I am in Japan all the nude scenes were So instead, I took pics as Musubi-chan and

Apparently, these searches will pick-up every random word on an entire page, regardless of there relationship with each other. “The Butterfly Effect” was from an Amazon.Com ad in the Xanga banner, “nude” was in a Comment of the Day by Imahima, and “pics” was found in my entry of snow pics. (Click here to see the Yahoo “snapshot” of this page.) This is pretty annoying to me and to whoever is looking for nude pics of actors in The Butterfly Effect, as GTNinja would likely agree. There’s gotta be a way to prevent random searches to hit our blogs…

Would it bother you if random people found your blog on a search list that included: “Pics Of Me Nude”, “Butt Resources”, and the oh-so-intriguing “Armin M The Homosexual Internet Sex Cannibal Contents Page”?

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