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Comment of the day…
Would you please do a post about how you think that leaving Xanga is going to protect you from screwyourproff.com? I would think that if you just didn’t mention that site anymore than there would be no more trouble. I also have a sneaking suspicion that the comment left on your site about you was left in jest, not to hurt you. Maybe somebody was not thinking when they did it but it sure sounds like a friendly joke to me and I hate to think of the guilt someone might be carrying if they did indeed make a mistake like that.
— Posted 2/20/2004 ElliottSez

Leaving doesn’t protect me. I realize this. I leave because I have decided to make a statement: We should all take responsibility for our actions. Including this prankster. This is one of the things I preach to my students: Work hard (thay have papers and quizzes galore), be honest (I give them take-home exams and I often leave the room during quizzes), and do what you want as long as it doesn’t interfere with the freedoms of others (I always encourage them to choose a field of their liking, EVEN if its not Japanese). These things coalesce into responsible behavior… hopefully.

If the person did it maliciously, then nothing I do–whether I remain on Xanga or not–will change his/her attitude. Indeed, if I stay, he may consider future pranks; by leaving I may save myself some grief. But if the person did it as a joke, as you suspect, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, s/he’ll realize the effects of irresponsible behavior. Is it petty of me to involve everyone else? Maybe, it is, but this makes it all the more effective, I think. As long as this person doesn’t own up to this, there is no other way to teach this lesson. And so I sacrifice myself and my readers in this pursuit–even if some may find it flawed.

Ultimately, I am in life, as in my class, a teacher–successful or not. I cannot change my stripes–or spots, depending on which animal you wish to use as a metaphor… If you have a better idea, I’d be willing to listen, but my mind’s pretty much made up… –O-man

The degree of support is, in turn, gratifying, moving, astonishing, and mystifying. How, I ask myself, can I affect people this way? And when I saw what Simply_Marie put up–What did Taku call it? A shrine? Pfrzzt…. I am totally speechless. Me, not knowing what to say?!? So I will do the only thing I can do.

Respond to all of your comments…

Unfortunately, the number of responses were way too many and I cannot afford to answer each one separately, so I will answer them here:

2/18, 1:09pm to 4:33pm

SorJen: am sorry for what happened… its a pity that you decided to leave xanga. I enjoy your daily logs a lot… . If you dont mind, can you please leave me the url to your JAJournal so that I can continue read your interesting entries?
I’m glad you liked my daily logs, and I’m sorry I have to leave, too. The link to the JAJournal is above. And please take care of yourself. Colds, pinkies, bills. Ugh, but be good, all will work out in the end!

mmh: Ow….thats bad….is there no way you can mail the site to have it removed or something? being too ‘revealed’ in Xanga has its bad i guess…thats one reason why i was always paranoid when asked about my online selling stuffs…..but do you really have to leave?
Yeah, I think even you changed your site once, right? Anyway, my reason for leaving is in The comment of the day column. And I hope things work out for you and your younger sister!

SammyStorm: That’s really appalling. It will be sad to see you discontinue this site, but you have to take measures to protect yourself. I guess that’s one of the pitfalls of opening up yourself on the Internet. Thanks for all the comments and for all the insightful and entertaining posts you have provided us. I don’t feel that a short comment such as this does justice to the repect I had for this site, and of course, for you as a person. Take Care.
Sammy, you are a true Xangan brother, despite the hairy face in your profile pic! hahahah J/K. But I am not really trying to protect myself. What’s done is done. and work will continue in one form or another. But I can’t act like nothing has happened either. Someone has to say in a loud voice: Enough! Of course, even in Xangaland, this is a pretty small corner, and my online voice is certainly quieter than my real one… Peace bro’.

ddsb2000: That stinks that someone did that but you arent gonna post anymore!? Man can’t you find out who did that? I guess it wouldnt even matter if you did because the damge is already done. Well I am sorry that happened to you. Your site was probably my favorite site to read and I can’t believe you arent gonna do it anymore.
Thanks, it does stink. But I did learn that the rating site logs all IP addresses, so if the culprit wrote it from a computer s/he uses often, they’ll find the person if this really gets out of hand… Another reason to come clean for the person who did it, but I doubt if the person would… I do intend to look for you drawings. In fact, I’d like one of your drawings. I still can’t figure out how you had your dog sit for a portrait. Did you drug him or bribe his? Hahahaha, just kidding!

KENSHIR0: I’m so sorry to hear that you’re leaving Xanga, but you’re probably doing the right thing. That’s terrible that someone would do such a thing without thinking of the consequences.
Hopefully the person will learn from this. Hmmm… Ah, hoping is such a good thing. Hopefully, another guy will learn what its like to work without hard workers, right? Let’s hope and hope…

HattoriHanzo: it was fun reading your posts, i always had something new to see and learn when I read your posts…i’ll be missing them.
Thanks Hanzo, but I hope to see yu anyway in the Fnatasy League. But you gotta teach me how to play! I don’t get the rules yet. Its soooooo complicated. Is there a Fantasy League for Idiots on Amazon or something? I mean, they got one for everything else, right?

mattblue: Oh man, that’s terrible! There really are some dumbass people out there who don’t know what they’re doing. And the thing is, those sites (at least the UMass one) are supposed to be moderated.
“Oh man”? Is that a pun? Anyway, the site is an independent site that is not concerned with my school. But it is moderated, thank goodness. Anyway, keep up the bungo (classical Japanese) and I will still read you site, to see if you need help! We’re reading Ise right now.

bane_vixen: just $15? bah! that’s not even enough for me to do the dishes
Now why is it that I can always count on you? Hahahaha, just kidding. Even though it has been fleeting, you’ve been great. Hope you turn into the editor of your own magazine. I’ll be looking for you at newsstands.

Hamamoto: this totally stinks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
Ah, another JA brother. I will miss you… Wait, I already miss you since you’ve made yourself so scarce because of you know who… But unlike you, I don’t follow basketball that closely, although I do follow the Lakers, including former ones. In fact, strangely enough, I recently saw a former Laker tap-tap-tapping away on a computer during a timeout. Bill Walton suggested that he was inputing the perfect play/move against Shaq, but upon closer inspection, he was writing a comment to SammyStorm! During the last three minutes of the 4th quarter, no less! Go figure…

Omega01: Oh god no! Darn it all, I can’t believe it. Thanks to some retard acting stupid I’ve lost the biggest portion of inspiration I’ve had in a long time. I was even studying my Japanese all day today! And things seemed to be going so well with you having big hits and being on Featured Content…I can’t believe this crap is happening…
Can I be the Alpha to your Omega? Sorry that sounded really corny… or bad? Hahaha. Oh well. You are one of the people I point to when I tell others that I can motivate all manner of students. I mean, really, we have never met, you live in Mississippi, for crissake! And I can still get you to focus on your studies? Damn, am I a teacher or what?!? Kinda justifies what I wrote in my Comment of the day response. I think I was born to be a teacher… And while you don’t go to my school, you make me happy that I am one. I really should be thanking you!

SleepingCutie: Words cannot express my sadness….
If ever there was a reason to stay on Xanga… I mean, who am I gonna flirt with? hahahaha. See ya around, kiddo!

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