O-man, the final days II

Comment of the day…
Hah, I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away! Glad to have you back.
— Posted 2/21/2004 Purin_kun

No, Onigiriman is leaving Xanga. Like I said, I’m just tying up a few last threads. You know how anal I am!

Like Purin_kun on the right, many have wondered if I was really going. Well, I admit that Xanga has been very addictive and it is certainly hard to leave, but leave I will. I’m sure I will be going through withdrawal, so if any of my students see me muttering to myself as I walk to class, please understand what’s happening… heheheh. Dont worry, it won’t affect my grading. I’ll be the same ol’ softy… NOT! Hahahahah. Anyway, to continue my responses…

2/18 4:37 to 2/20, 2:43 pm

takunishi79: I was hit number 16767 (i dunno, it looks kinda funky, don’t it?). Well, regardless of whether it was in “good fun” or with malicious intent, we can figure it was an extremely immature act. I think, all too often, “kids” will act in a manner where they do not think about ultimate consequences or overall implications. Now that is if they did that with no intent to harm. If it was done with malicious intent, I suppose they’ve proven a certain point. I’m not sure what… but… something. Well, sir, t’was a short while on this little virtual space, but I hope this will allow you to get to more important things… like keepin’ up with JA Journal!
Thanks, Taku. It was fun. I remember you as the first blogger–outside my students–who really impressed me. And it too bad about the number. I was so close to getting to 20,000. Oh well.

those_days: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…what’s the url to your jajournal? the student probably posted that as a joke, because of the fact that taking money to change grades is something you would never do. and really out of character.
To my Xanga daughter. To be honest, I don’t remember what it was exactly but you always seemed strangely similar to my real daughter, who I rarely get the chance to see anymore–she lives in Japan. So I will sorely miss you, too.

sputtum: awww, and just when u started to post comments on my xanga…. *sniff* u will be sorely missed.
Isn’t this how it alway is? Just when you think you something good is happening, bang!

iiSoNySoUnDii: That’s messed up, but I don’t think you should abandon Xanga! I seriously look forward to all of your entries; though I can look at your other journal, it’s not the same…
Ah so true… There are entries, and then there are entries… BTW: ddsb2000 mentioned in a recent post that he found some names pretty strange. I think yours would fit nicely too. Do you work for Sony? Is their sound good? Or areyou from southern New York… if there is such a thing… Or perhaps are your undies from Sony? or Southern NY? hehehehehe J/K… Ah, I will miss making stupid remarks like this…

PaikyPoo: well that’s just phuggin great… xanga loses one of the more interesting bloggers… thanx phuck nut. onigiriman, sorry what happened to u. remember there r always assholes out there that use the internet as a medium for more then conversation. like this asshole. keep the faith mang… there r many good ppl who read your site.
In spite of the spelling, I think your frases come across phairly clearly… And I realize there are a LOT of good people who come here, and they know I feel this way as well, as I comment on their sites.

japblkgrl: its a sad day in xangaland… bye bye O-man but i don’t blame you…i’ve had some weirdness occur recently cuz of something i wrote on my page…i’m in the process of protecting some of my posts now…. i hope to still hear from you on either of my sites….
No! not, bye, bye! You will hear from me as long as you keep blogging. And I will bug you until you give a full pic of yourself! hahahahhaa

Purin_kun: you can probably contact the ratemyprofessor.com and get either that rating or all of your ratings removed.? it’s really a ridiculous statement, so i imagine you shouldn’t have much trouble getting it removed.
Thanks Purin_kun.You are the first of my students to actually show your support, and I appreciate it.

yhekhor: man i m disgusted. u were a wonderful contributor to the xanga scene & my daily readings. man this disgusts me alright. i m appalled!
You and me both. But life goes on… And keep up the posts, you had some pretty interesting reading for me…

crotchety_old_man: wow, tactlessness never ceases to amaze… im sorry u have to deal with this internet ridiculousness [not wanting to use a much better cuss word]. Your posts will be sorely missed… now what am I supposed to read when i am procrastinating about japanese?? j/k take care then, maybe as a result ill come by the office more peace
You are the first of my future students. And I will expect to see you in my office soon! Then you can get the “LIVE” version of Onigiriman’s humor. By all accounts, its much better than the stuff I write here!

hoymahal: it`s unfortunate that you are leaving xanga, for me, reading your logs made me feel like i was back at GW– less homesick than usual. and sorry about the J-A confusion, that was my fault.
Wow, I didn’t know that I could help alleviate your homesickness! Well, I’ll be commenting on your site, so keep posting!

Hydralisk96: I’ve never read your xanga until Omega made a post about it. Those darn griefers are everywhere. There’s always some inconsiderate little (insert profanity here) who has to have fun by trying to destroy other people’s reputation. It’s too bad that slander can’t be caught over the internet.
Too bad you didn’t post a comment earlier. Or did you only read Omega’s comment very recently. Well, if I have time, I’ll drop by your place for a visit…

zettonv: That really sucks that someone had the nerve to rite something like that in your journal, something like that can affect your career deeply and should never be messed with at all. i really enjoyed your journal alot and i appreciate all of your comments on my page, i still hope you have time to still comment on pages but if not no hard feelings, afterall some dickhead had to mess everything up, ill still raed your JA so laters and take care!
Thanks, but get Premium and use the spell check! hahahahah, J/K, J/K! I’m such the dickhead, too.

consummate_leah: You can’t go!!!!
Oh yeah? Just watch me… Hehehehe. But I’ll be reading YOUR site, don’t worry!

Christine0109: sensei… you shouldnt leave xanga. just cus of what that person wrote. if you do, it’ll be his/her victory in the end. just keep doing what u do, ignore the negativities that are going on cus there are just simply too many of them to deal with! theres all kinds of ppl in this world, good, bad, strange, psychotic ppl. dakara dont allow them to let u down. ganbatte!!! your a great sensei dakara 🙂
Yes, you hit it on the head! Well, not the great part, but I am a sensei. And I leave cuz I need to make a statement. But don’t worry, I’m not down. I’m the kind of guy that rolls with the puches, who moves sideways…

kizyr: 先生!アァ、Xangaを続けていただけませんか?お願いします!実際、先生のXangaは一番好きなOnlineJournalなんですよ。多分、毎日何百人も先生のサイトに来るのですが。そんなコメントを書いた人はもちろん最低でしたが、Xangaをやめるわけでは・amp;nbsp;りません。お願いします。まず、RateMyProfessorを連絡して、そんな嘘のコメントを消してもらった方がいいです。それから、問題もうないでしょうね。一人のせいでXangaをやめないでいただけませんか。
・amp;nbsp;んた、日本語は達者だね! 日本で随分勉・amp;shy;してるみたい。はっきり言って、教師として、すご・amp;shy;嬉しい。皆、カイザーの爪を煎じて飲んでもらいたいな。

FLASHtheBRUIN: =( Some people take jokes too far… I’m kinda sad that what someone thought was amusing has lead to you leaving xanga!!!
It happens. Life goes on. Just treat you woman well. Did you take her to Sushi Gen yet?

simply_marie: =0( we love you… SPiDey and Lovely love you a lot. I’ll open my diaryland again soon.. I hope you’ll visit from time to time. =0( I’m so sad.. I don’t know what else to say. *waving fist in air* STUPID PEOPLE!!! >=0( =0( I’m so sad.
Yes, I’ll visit you Diaryland. Hahahah. Y’know, I used to always think that it was dairyland. I couldn’t figure out what blogging and milk had in common. Hahahha! I guess those Cambridge monkeys, who said you could mix up the letters in the middle of a word and still read it correctly, were wrong. Or maybe I’m studpid, it’s spelled correctly and I mis read it still! Hahahaha!

tanjf: do you really have to go??? i’ll be missing you man… you are of the few ppl who cared to give me cooments and e-props in my xanga. you are also one of those few ppl whom i suscribed to! where am i going to find another xangan like you?…. i won’t unsuscribe you, just in case you decided to blog in xanga again. * to that @$$hole who tried to defame you : ROT IN HELL, MAN!
Yes, I really have to go. But I will mention on this site when my JAJournal–link at top of page–is updated.

ca1b0y: What? You sure you’re decided on this? It’ll be sad to see you go… I’ll be missing all your great entries. I think we’ll all miss you. If this person was malicious enough to hurt you in that manner through your xanga journal, how safe will you be by continuing to write in your JA journal? That’s the risk of revealing yourself online.
Yes, I know, I know. I am not protected. But as i said yesterday, that is not the reason why I’m leaving… But I will be in touch. Don’t sweat it, man. Wait until the Tokyo summer. You’ll be sweating plenty then!

jammkat: and here i was just thinking to myself the other day, what a difference creating a xanga presence has made in your life. for onigiriman, fall’03/winter’04 will be the year of the xangans, and now it all seems to be disappearing again. hmmm, not good, but change is constant, leaves sprout and leaves fall again. don’t be bitter -?as you can see, the vast vast majority here would never betray you in any way. (but you’re just not a ‘bitter’ kinda guy, are ya!?) anyway, maybe now Musubi-chan will see more of you than just your shoulders hunched over the keyboard!!!
Hahahaha! Man did you say a mouthful. By the way, weren’t you gonna create a Musubi-chan character? Still waiting… and you are right, I think. I am not the bitter type…

yunnermeier: who was that idiot?! We all really like your blog and I don’t read it everyday but I read it at least once a week! don’t stop blogging! i’m visitor 16888~ 888- lucky number!
Man, you and Taku79! Well, if ever this site reaches 20,000 I ‘ll post something just as a special entry or something… hahahhaha. Like that will happen!

mystic_creator: I’m really sad that you’re leaving xanga. It’s so horrible that someone would do something like that. People have a lot of nerve sometimes. I can’t believe it!!!! You’re probably the most interesting person that I’ve met on xanga. You’ll be missed. Still comment on my site please!!! 🙂 🙂
I’ll try.

detachable: no!!! this is not happening!! UGH! that was downright low for a person to do that! low, low low!!! if it’s a joke, it’s not funny at all. i’m so sorry this happened to you. it seems people are taking advantage of your ‘laidback’ and ‘humourous’ nature far too far. i hope you’ll change your mind about leaving xanga for you will be surely missed.
Thanks, T’pal. And I’ll be missing your photos! They are so cool!

imahima: Nooooo! That sucks! That’s ridiculous! Everyone knows you are the most stubbornly strict professor at GW! How will removing your site remedy this? Because if anyone came to this site to find out who this supposed professor was, they would be able to see all your wonderful writings and all also see the proof that you are very much loved by your students! It will only make the comment look more ridiculous.
Ah, very true, but I have own reasons as I wrote yesterday… but you’ll see me when you get back….

mmh: I’m happy to see you commenting, but don’t stop writing… please? 😦
I know! I love to write, as you know. But I gotta make a stand. And take care of that cat if your sister won’t!

kayanized: dont leave :*(
Gotta. Life is all about change. Hope your remaining time in HS will prove to be fun and adventurous.

tinkariffic: That’s awful. I can’t understand why people would say such awful and damaging things to nice people. It’s unfortunate that someone should leave comments like that, but it’s actually not all that surprising. Some people just don’t understand how to act properly on the internet, assuming that since it’s anonymous, it can’t hurt anyone. Sorry to see you leave Xanga, since your blog is one of the reasons I even got an account. But you should do whatever you feel is best, since you do this for yourself first and foremost.
I’m one of the reasons why you even got a Xanga account? Wow, this really changes things… Uh, not really… Hehehe. But you get the live version of Onigiriman every Tues. and Thurs. No biggie, right?

NukemVomit: That’s so messed up! Though I’ve never had you for a class, I started reading your xanga since Kaiser mentioned that one of his professors used xanga. So I found that pretty cool that a professor would have a blog, and I started reading it. You’re a cool guy. Hopefully nothing bad comes out of ratemyprofesor.com.
Do you study Japanese? Yes this whole thing is messed up, but there’s nothing I can do now… *sigh*

nefarious_hatter: No! you can’t leave! I’m going to miss the comments on my site…
Yes, I can leave! but don’t worry, I’ll be lurking around…. And don’t tell me you only subscribed to get comments from me… Hahah, J/K. I remember you as one of the first Xangan to subscribe to me. and in a way, you were my first Xanga crush… Oops, that sounds kinda bad, doesn’t it… like I’ve had a number of them… Well, um, I have not. Really, no way. Seriously, why would I have a crush… hehehehe.

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