Holding Hands….

Musubichan and I always hold hands. We are a year away from the big 5-0 but we still hold hands when we go out. Some people find this strange. they’ll look at us and wonder how old we are. But I don’t mind. We still act young, cuz we feel young. And holding hands was my first indication that I had to marry her. Call me Stupid. When I first held her hand, I knew I had to marry her… I still feel that way now. It was like some electric shock or something corny like that…

We hold hands everywhere. Although, I remember distinctly that she would never hold my hands at HER place of work in Japan. She said it was too embarassing for her to get caught by co-workers and club members–she was an aerobics instructor. But, of course, she HAS to hold my hands when we’re walking around MY school. I don’t get this double standard crap… Anyone wanna explain it to me?

At night, we will hold hands when we go to sleep. Okay, you can stop rolling your eyes, alright? In the morning, we are usually not holding hands anymore as I usually toss and turn and I guess we separate…

And we’re always playing! I’ll sometimes lick my hands before I hold her hands to freak her out! Slobber it up real good. Hahahaha. But once she out freaked me! She grabbed my hand and licked it in the same place! Eeeeeyuuuu! Gross! I bet you’re thinking. But we just laughed and laughed. Yeah, we really can play around a lot. But more, we really like each others company…

Anyway, holding hands has become an issue. We now clasp hands (like we’re wearing mittens). I prefer to intertwine our fingers, but I’m the fidgety sort so I have a tendancy to rub my fingers and they kinda grind my wife’s knuckles which then hurts and she gets pissed off… *sighs* She claims that her knuckles are getting larger and that she is developing arthritis.

So how do you hold your significant other’s hand? Is there a specfic way you prefer? Or is holding hands “old school”?

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