so leave already!


Hahahaha! No kidding! But before any of you get upset, the Vixen was joking. I was mean by leaving out the rest of her comment. It was, in its entirety:

so leave already! hehe, a joke, a joke!

I will miss bantering with her… really. Bane, I will have nothing but fond memories of you, as I will with all of you… well, except for maybe one…

And so, the Final Entry….
A number of people have tried to talk me into staying, but as I have stated, I do not leave to feel protected, nor do I leave with a tail between my legs. I leave to make a statement, that there are consequences to certain actions. The only way I would come back is if japblk, bane_vixen and sorjen posted a photo of themselves in their profile pic. I am soooooo curious… hehehhe. just kidding, of course. The only thing that would make me come back would be if the responsible person would confess to his/her deed, and make a public apology. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen…

If you’re still interested in what I write, I will be posting on the JAJournal occasionally–in fact there’s a new one now. I will post notices here when there are updates so you don’t have to waste your time going there just to check. So you can continue to be subscribed if you want, or you can go to that O-man blogring *shakes head* to check as well, or you can cancel to lessen the traffic in your e-mails and subscriptions pages. I certainly would understand…

I will also try to check up on you guys periodically, although I’m not sure how often that will be.

It’s really been a gas, as we used to say…


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