Holding Hands: THE Response…

If you visit Barberic‘s site, you probably saw this, but I had to share it with ya’ in case you haven’t seen it. These are mittens couples. I mean, lovey-dovey couple! There’s a lefty and a righty mitten, then a U-shaped thing that you wear TOGETHER! (Click on image for larger view.) With this, you can hold hands, skin-to-skin, and still keep the elements out! There is one problem, of course. What if something terrible happens and you have to use obht hands suddenly to avoid getting hit by a stray basketball or falling bricks… Hmmm. I guess I’d have to use my body to protect my sweetheart? Well, that’d be okay too. But still, isn’t this soooooo cute? I want to get this. Hey Eric, where the heck do I buy this thing?

Also, I got this random question from a basketballer named Vlade Somethingorother (I can’t spell it; it’s too Russian). Some of you may know him, he plays for the Sacramento Kings. He is always on the road and is apparently dying for some serious advice. I was going to direct you guys directly to his site, but he’s kinda bashful and I don’t want to expose him–kinda like this place actually. So if you could answer this question for him, I’ll make sure he gets it in pronto. Of course, he might contact you directly. He’ll likely read the responses here and may ask you for more detail… hehehehe. Come to think about it, I could ask this very same question. It is, for us guys, the age old question:

Can somebody please explain to Vlade the secret to understanding a woman’s heart?

Man, is that a loaded question or what!

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