Lazy Saturday, random dream

Well, it’s lazy and random mostly cuz I’m recovering from a hangover…

  • Somedays I will have had 3 pints and have a splitting headache, and on other nights down 6 to 8 pints and wake up woozy, like today…
  • After visiting a number of places, I’m glad to learn that I am not the only one who is addicted to Xanga…
  • It’s raining off and on. At this particular moment the sun is shining through the clouds even as the rain beats down furiously on my bedroom window.
  • Thanks for all the advice. I guess I’ll just resign myself to having a simple Xanga page. I’m not so much into “cool” anyway. My time has passed. “Cool” is for the young and the adventurous, not the middle-aged and the conservative. One sign that I am getting old: It took me 5 minutes to figure out that CSS meant Cascading Style Sheet…

Last Night’s Dream

(with some embellishment.)

I walk into a classroom. White, sterile. One florescent light overhead. Large windows on two walls, one in front, one to the right. On the left is a whiteboard. Desks–about 12–are lined up against the wall on the right, in front of the window. I turn around in the room to orient myself, only to find that the desks are now lined up in the middle of the room in four rows three across facing the window. And students are sitting there taking notes.

“…each group must take one chapter of the story and give a presentation,” I announce. “But first we must take our final.”

All the students groan as I pass out the exam. They open up their Bluebooks and start scribbling answers to questions that I have yet to form…

I go to the whiteboard and write the sequence of presentations by the groups. Some students respond immeditately.

“But this is our final exam, right? Do we have to come for the rest of the semester?”

“Well, duh! I mean, there’s only two weeks left. Besides, the groups will provide information crucial for the final exam,” I shoot back.

“But we’re taking the final right now!” one student reminds me.

“No wonder I can’t answer the question,” complains another.

“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. I’ts only an exam…” I try to comfort them.

The students just roll their eyes and continue with the exam, turning them in one at a time.

Next class–I don’t actually remember leaving the room–only four students show up, those who were supposed to give presentations. In fact, one of the presenters brought the typed presentation of another student who decided the semester was over…

I wonder if this means anything?

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