Spring Break: Day One

Ok, in the tradition of Japanese Elementary education, I decided to keep a daily journal of my days. Of course, being the O-man, I can’t help but insert my own opinion on a variety of topics as they present themselves to me… So what’s the difference? Hmm… I’m not sure. Anyway:

Today is the first day of Spring Break and I have a few things I want to take care of, specifically prepare a paper for publication. So today, I will… go to work… Yes, stupid me, I am guest lecturing at G-town University for a friend who is in China. So I will be wasting a whole day better spent on grading–I have 50 papers and 16 midtems (@_@;)–but that’s okay since I will be talking about my favorite topic: Japanese poetry.

Speaking of which, I think I may be in the midst of creating a monster, but much like Victor von Frankenstein, I am drunk in the beauty of the creation… and the resulting hangover may explain why I’ve missed a couple of days here. Oh well. Anyway, gotta get ready and go to G-town…

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