Spring Break: Last day

Okay, it’s still the weekend, but I have to start work–real work–since school’s starting up again. So yesterday, Friday, was my last day of spring break. And again, I did nothing except my usual fooling around on the computer and getting stuff prepared for my literature seminar on poetry. Right now we’re dealing with translation and how context can change the meanings of words.

This week is also M’s Spring “break”. I told her not to cook this week, which would kinda explain the frequency of our visits to Glory Day’s, our local watering hole. It’s a sports bar near my train station that is relatively inexpensive. The food is typical bar food: nachos, bufallo wings, burgers, salads. But that’s not why we go. It’s always for the b-e-e-r. We are true lushes. But sasugani–can someone give me a translation for this? This is such a convenient J word that means “as one would expect given the subject’s predilictions, talents, tendencies, or natural human reactions vis-a-vis the topic at hand”… Anyway, sasugani we were kind of beered-out after three straight nights of heavy guzzling. I’m not as young as I once was, and I was woozy for most of the day. So we stayed in to watch DVDs I had rented and was pleasantly surprised…

Six Feet Under I am not a fan of pay TV. I paid for cable previoiusly, I now pay for satellite. How much more do these guys want me to pay? Don’t I deserve HBO or Showtime by now? Well, I could live without movies that I can rent from Blockbuster’s. But I really started to get pissed off when shows produced by these companies weree receiving a Emmy nominations and awards. How could they allow awards for best drama or comedy go to programming is only available with additional premium subscriptions. So eveyone was talking about the Sopranos and Sex in the City. Big deal. I’m a mule when it comes to paying extra for something that I believe should be free… like Xanga. But I had heard too much about Six Feet Under and so decided to rent the DVD. I was quite impressed and amused by this program about a family that is not dysfunctional by today’s standards, butruns a business that would make most people feel dysfunctional: a morgue. There was a bit too much sex, for a TV show, and the gay brother actively kissing his lover caught me by surprise. But the story was interesting and engaging. We saw the pilot and the first two episodes, and I think I’ll have to rent the rest soon. It wasn’t good enough for me to call my satellite provider and order HBO, but I will see them on DVD.

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